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Spicy Salt

Posted by Bee & John on May 13, 2010 at 11:50 PM

The Australian office just received a pallet of the UK "easy Indian cooking" cook book and was limiting consultants to only 10 books per order.  We looked at that email and thought... How popular could it be?  We'll try 1.  I foolishly thought... "how good can it be?".  I should have known better with Thermomix, where everything is better than you expect.... MUCH better

We have received the book yesterday.  To be honest I thought it would be good for Naan bread recipes and maybe one or two others.... I can't wait to try 90% of this book (I'm not into bombay curries - bum burner recipes LOL - but that is only 10% of the book... and lets face it... if you are in control of the chilli, you're in control of the heat!)  

First thing I found out... is our quite good spice collection is actually quite sparce and we need to do some shopping!

First thing I can TRY (we're going out for dinner tonight so can't cook anything argh!) is the spicy salt.  As it is cooking it smells HEAVENLY!!!!!  Can't wait to try it!!

(imagine time passing)

OK - the celery and stuff looks pretty black and unappetising... although the smell nice still.

So... I did my thing, following the recipe (mostly LOL) O.M.G! That is the best seasoning salt I have ever tasted!!!!!  I had to invent a new category to rate it!

Spicy?  Yes!  HOT spicy? NO!  Just really tasty :-)

Some hints needed - but first, what did I do differently to the recipe?

MODIFICATION: I had only 6 of the tiny chillies and I took the seeds out - also, I didn't have any thyme so I used coriander, I only had dried bay leaves but put them in the oven along with the other stuff and I used 1/2 an onion instead of the shallots.   One last thing, I added 3 small cloves of garlic. OH!  and I used pepper medley (a mixture of different coloured pepper corns) instead of straight black.  

Would any of these changes made a difference?  Maybe slightly, but not for worse.

HINT: I found it needed 20, not 10 seconds on 10 at the last stage to get it really fine enough for my liking

HINT: on first zoom, I found that the salt was wafting a little and I started coughing.  So, I put a damp cloth over the top of the thermomix and no more problems.

HINT: there is a little salt left on the lid and in the seal.  Don't waste it!  It's too good.  I put the lid in a plastic bag with some unsalted cashews to get the residue onto them.  OR, cook a meal straight after and USE the salt in the bowl and lid to flavour it :-)

I think we'll need to order more books!

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Reply Steph
8:14 AM on May 29, 2010 
Hi Berni and John,
Congrats on a fabulous website! I have added you to my favourite links on my website. It's so wonderful to see you sharing your experiences and modifications. WOW you have been busy since March. This salt is amazing and the Indian cookbook is wonderful. I really look forward to checking in and seeing your recommendations and Ticks of Yum. Steph xo