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Posted by Bee & John on May 22, 2010 at 7:00 PM

This is another recipe I started using almost straight away and have made several times (often for gifts because people love our Mayo).

Can't be any easier to make!

HINT: don't waste time by standing there dribbling in the oil... put the measuring cup on the lid, and while the egg yolks etc are beating, pour the oil onto the lid.  The measuring cup will stop most of it gushing in and make sure that only a little bit gets added to the mixture at a time.

HINT: that method does mean for a very oily lid... but if you squeeze the lemon juice on the lid afterwards (you have to add some anyway) it helps cut down the oil.  and... before taking off the lid, just wipe it down with a bit of paper towelling.

HINT: Very nice made with LIME juice instead of lemon :-)

HINT: at our last demo we brought a small tub of the mayo - people were dipping the crackers into it like a dip - and then they decided to dip the mayo into the grated parmesan... mmmmm!  yummy!

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Reply Bee & John
3:20 AM on January 26, 2012 
Annette says...
.... Had to stand and hold the MC down though cause it kept floating. ....

Hi Annette, don't worry if it floats... it is because the oil, being so thick, blocks all the "air" holes. It is BECAUSE of that fact that the "pour on the lid" tip works. As the MC floats with the oil, it will start to wobble. As it wobbles it will start to drizzle a little oil in! That's what you want... slowly drizzled oil :-)

As you have also noticed though, seeing the recipe worked anyway.... the Thermomix AND their recipes, are fairly flexible.
Reply Annette
11:18 PM on January 25, 2012 
Just used this tip and poured all the oil on the lid and it worked beautifully. Had to stand and hold the MC down though cause it kept floating. Maybe I should be less of a scaredy cat and experiment more!