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Posted by Bee & John on July 14, 2010 at 4:14 AM

Hooley Dooley!

Why did I wait so long before TRYING this!!!  Absolutely fab!  A particularly yummy shortbread recipe.

And - bloody quick!  I couldn't believe it!  in less than 3 minutes I had ground the rice, mixed the dough, shaped it, had it in the oven and everything put away!!!!

Don't just sit there - go make it!!

This is a great recipe,


  1. it doesn't use many ingredients,
  2. it doesn't need eggs, 
  3. it makes a bikkie that is very impressive and very yummy, 
  4. it is super quick and 
  5. hardly anything to clean up - even the TMX bowl only needs a quick rinse.  
  6. It keeps for a while too.

LESSON: when you are grinding the rice, right at the start - tiny pieces of rice pop up on the lid.  Don't just add them to the flour at the end, they haven't been ground properly and makes your shortbread a bit too gritty.  Either discard them or grind again after adding them.

HINT: after shaping the dough, cut it into the shape and prick some holes BEFORE cooking.  You will need to cut the shapes again after it has cooked as per the recipe, but it is easier to do and there isn't any cracking.

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