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Doggy Treats

Posted by Bee & John on October 30, 2010 at 9:05 AM

We got another dog a month or so ago.  A little border collie cross (maltese?) to go with our 4 year old golden retriever.  They are great friends!

Training the puppy is a bit easier as she is tending to do what the other dog has been trained to do - but providing treats was costing a fortune.  Here Kitty (yes, I know... a dog named Kitty... there's a story there), good Kitty, here's a treat.  Outside Kitty, good Kitty here's a treat.  Sit Kitty, Good Kitty, here's a treat......

So I decided to try to make my own.  What else could they be with the Thermomix, but easy!  As for yummy... the dogs love them :-)


  • 100g of rolled oats
  • left over meat bits (don't BUY any, use bacon cut offs, meat trims, leftovers, sandwich meat gone just a bit beyond human edibility)
Mince on 9 for 30 seconds
  • 400g of plain flour
mix on 6 while pouring in some liquid (gravy, stock, water, milk - whatever you have) 
When the mixture starts to come together stop pouring in the fluid and set TMX to closed lid position.

knead for 1 minute

turn out on a floured board and hand knead until not sticky (you may need some more flour)

divide into 4 pieces.  roll each 1/4 into a sausage shape and cut into small pieces.  The size depends on your dog.

cook slowly in an oven on 150oC until dark brown.  Once they are dried like this, they don't need refridgeration and they keep for ages!  It makes HEAPS and the dogs really love them!


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