Tick of Yum

Providing hints and tips on using your Thermy, suggestions and recipes - from a very happyily Thermomixed South Australian couple

About Us



We bought our Thermomix in March 2010 - WOW - what a change it has made in our lives, particularly me.  

With Thermomix, there is hardly any effort in cooking... it is FUN - it certainly has become so for me :-)

Welcome to the Tick of Yum website - I hope you get some hints on the best way to use your Thermomix, some ideas and some great recipes.

John is a butcher and manages the Palmdale Meats butcher shop in North Adelaide.  He really loves cooking - he has "made up" several recipes that are just wonderful (we will start putting these on the website when we have brought it along a little more)

I was a PA / Administrator and was a Thermomix consultant for 6 years, currently "between" jobs :-)

John and I met in March 2006 - What a wonderful man he is :-) But I may be biased - and our wedding in 2009 was the happiest day of my life! We live in Adelaide, South Australia. 


Bee and John 

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