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Quirky Jo's Green Choc Smoothie

Posted by Bee & John on November 2, 2011 at 10:55 PM

Let me say this from the very onset.... I don't like my veggies.  People who know me personally or have seen my more "traditional" body frame may have guessed this already.

Well... I eat them... IF I have to.  Or if they are covered in enough gravy.  Or if I'm trying to impress someone (or not embarras myself).  So... when I read Quirky Jo's post recently about her dairy free Green choc shake (green=SPINACH!)  and she mentions that you cant taste the spinach.....I was intrigued enough to actually try it.  Well... I thought to myself... I can later say that I've done it and then offer it up as suggestions to my clients.

I did NOT think I would LIKE it!  Actually.... LOVE it!!  WHAT?  What is wrong with me?  I suppose it has the liquid, chocolate, fruity version of enough "gravy" to cover the veggies! (if that makes sense)

I wish someone had videotaped me trying it for the first time.  I made it... it looked ok.. it LOOKED like a choc milkshake.  I screwed up my courage (and my face truth be told) and took a tiny sip.  My eye's widened and WIDENED.  It was delicious!  I took a bigger sip!  I GULPED it down.  Yum!  And for those asking the question... NO - I didn't taste the spinach.  Infact, I didn't taste the nuts or the dates either.  Just like you can't taste the seperate components of a cake... this just tastes like a banana choc thickshake!

We had a team meeting the next night and I made a big pot of it and brought it along.  I wouldn't tell anyone what was in it until (I asked if anyone was allergic to nuts) and they took a sip. They couldn't believe it either and they wanted the recipe too.  Good work Jo!  looking at your site, I think your choc orange sorbet is next!!

LESSON: I tried frozen raspberries instead of bananas.  YUM - but.... gritty.  make sure the smoothie is a little less thick and well blitzed so it gets all the pips.  My thicker one threw the raspberry pips on the side of the bowl and then they didn't get blitzed.  I think maybe the thicker one might be ok if you scrape down and then blitz a couple of times.

LESSON: I didn't have avocados, I used raw sugar and ordinary cooking cocoa  - it still worked very well!

HINT: ground chia seeds keep the smoothie thick without the use of ice so can be kept for a while on the table.

HINT: wonder how orange zest, ground with the sugar, then cocoa - ie:  jaffa - would taste??

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