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Posted by Bee & John on November 24, 2011 at 8:20 AM

Marzipan!  Coming from Dutchy-land as I do, our family sorta LOVES Marzipan.  I had it in lots of things as a kid, my dad often bought boxes of chocolate marzipan sticks or cocoa covered "potatoes" for the kiosk we had when I was small... but they often didn't make it on the shelves LOL.

Marzipan isn't something I have had much of lately - it's expensive for a start - and for a second - WAY too yummy.  But the holiday season is upon us, a family christmas gathering in North Gippsland (Victoria) and communal presents have been requested to be "hand made".

MARZIPAN stuff!!!

So.. how DO you make Marzipan?  First of all, what is it?  Basically it is almond flour made from blanced almonds (do it yourself in the Thermomix) and sugar - dampened a bit so it sticks together.

There were a few different recieps - but the easiest of them is the recipe from the Callebaut video.  Yup, that famous chocolate company.  They have a couple of fab videos of how to use the Thermomix with their chocolate.  You need to register to see their videos, but as a regestered person myself I can say you do not get hounded by newsletters or junk mail afterwards to register with a clear heart.  Helene, as usual, is on top of it and has a list of great videos on her website...http://www.superkitchenmachine.com/2011/5582/callebaut-chocolate-making-video.html

ANYWAY - the simplicity of making Marzipan is clear in the video, and although it did give the amounts of sugar and almonds you needed, the problem was that it didn't tell you amounts of the "invert sugar" (Havent' heard of it before??  see next post) and water.  As it turned out, it wasn't a problem.... just dribble it in until it's all bound together.  

I also tried the UK version - it is a bit more involved and after a week in the fridge it is just a touch dryer and harder to manipulate, but I do love the rose water flavour.  I suspect the softness (or lack of it) is because the Callebaut recipe has the invert sugar in it.

I didn't add almond essence in either of the versions - It makes a more subtler version of marzipan but OH so much nicer and truer to the real taste!

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