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Simple Body Scrub

Posted by Bee & John on January 4, 2012 at 9:00 PM

For those of you living under a rock... We have just gone through Christmas.  This year our whole family - as immigrants [from Netherlands] it isn't a huge group, consisting of my dad, my 3 siblings, myself and our partners and kids - all met for Christmas in beautiful East Gippsland - First time I was able to take John to all my childhood haunts... but that's altogether another story :lol:

Anyway... getting back to the blog.... Our mission this year (and we chose to accept it) was to give a present to each of our siblings (and partners) that we have MADE OURSELVES.  No Probs!!  I have a Thermomix!!

As the Vegetarian cookbook was a special offer for anyone purchasing a Thermomix in the month of December, it was my obvious start as it has  some wonderful non-food recipes at the back.  

I decided to make (for the girls anyway) some Simple Body Scrub.  And simple it was!!  how easy?  SUPER easy.

The first time I tried it  - my tester batch - I didn't have the soy beans so I used brown rice.  It worked ok but the Soy Beans gave it such a beautiful lemon colour, they aren't expensive so worth getting the real thing.  

I used only Lemon Myrtle essential oil as I LOVE it (and that was the only one I had... lets be practical about this LOL).  And... what's with the Himalayan Salts?  It is going to rub on your body and get washed away!  I just used plain cooking salt.  The difference?  From what I can see.... about $20!

Now I must say that I do use Murray River Salt Flakes when I can... but in cooking!!!  Also, the Salt Flakes are just that.... flakes.  Just HOW "scrubby" can they be??

Anyway... my practice batch (I made a double lot) went to my demos in December and EVERYONE loved it (yes... I made them use it.... got some strange looks LOL).  They loved not just the scrubby bit... but the fragrance!   I have never seen such a universally loved smell!

HINT: I used the 15 drobs of the essential oil per batch... almost too strong.  Cut it down to 10 and then see.

HINT: I did start off with pretty glass jars - but these were my practice batches.  The logistics of bringing 10 jars along to Bairnsdale with everything else (AND the fact the a couple of the little glass jars leaked) made me look again.  I got little round plastic jars and I got comments from everyone saying how nice they were ($1 at the reject shop!  Win!!)

LESSON: don't leave the lid off your tub in the shower over the Christmas New Year break while you are away on holidays (especially if it is 44oC while you are away!!) .... the salt dries out and the fragrance starts to evaporate.

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