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The joy and wonder of being a Thermomix Consultant

Posted by Bee & John on January 14, 2012 at 8:05 AM

I went to a meeting just before Christmas and discussed with our State Manager the benefits of expanding my Thermomix career to become a Group Leader in the Salisbury (SA) region.  In my discussions with John (hubby boy) about what that would mean, the extra work, the DIFFERENT type of work and, eventually, the excitement about how much fun it would be.... I have decided that I might make a try of it!  I have my official "interview" with the big boss in a week or two, wish me luck!

As I start to talk to people about the joy of being a Thermomix Consultant and try to convince them that I might be a good Group Leader (some of them actually think so too - that was a shock LOL!!)... I was wondering about my own journey with Thermomix Aust so far.  

When I first started to demonstrate the Thermomix nearly 2 years ago, I thought I would burn all the records and become their best demonstrator in less than 2 weeks!  In 4 weeks I would be state manager and in 6 weeks I was going to take over the world!  Mwa ha ha! {written version of a maniacal laugh}

Reality did hit, thankfully!  The nervousness of getting the demo together, making sure you remember the blurb and trying to answer questions you don't have the answers for (yet !!) does bring you back to Earth with a bit of thump. 

For a few people that rough landing is too much and they leave.  But for the insightful people who stay?  Why do they bother??  

  • They learn more about the Thermomix
  • They learn more answers to those questions.
  • They learn to use the Thermomix more and more and become super confident with both it as a demonstration tool, but also the Thermomix as the most AMAZING appliance that people are ever going to see
  • They develop a great confidence with Thermomix Australia as a company and Vorwerk?  
  • Why does that all help?  Well.... the more confidence and experience you have the better consultant you are!!  The better consltant you become and gthat means the better the rewards!

I have been a consultant now for coming up to 2 years.  What did I get from my 2 years of demonstrating??

  • For nearly 18 months (I gave up my full time job a couple of months after I started demonstrating), I have been able to wake up when I want, and do what I want to do during the week.  No early starts and cramped train journeys and grabbing a store bought coffee and sometimes brekky on the run!  I now sit down... when I wake up... and have a leisurly cuppa with some home made breakky of some sort.  Take the dog for a walk, play with my new kitten (OK... that is only in the last week or so), you get the idea. 
  • My life has become slower, relaxed and a LOT more fun! - If John gets a middweek day off (1 in every 3 weeks) we do something!  I work when I want to and make sure there is plenty of "US" time as well as enjoying plenty of "ME" time.  If my niece or nephews have a day off for some reason or other, I can be a "baby sitter" for them - when we have visitors... I am there for them!

  • I have made some GREAT friendships! - I have friends now that I certainly didn't have before - GREAT friends!  Other consultants are just a joy to be around, they are so positive and helpful, and it is such a great pleasure to develop a friendship with your clients.  I have clients that I can call in and have coffee with at the spur of the moment - our relationship moving far past that of "client".  Other's I would LOVE to have coffee with but just don't have the time (or courage) to call and ask if they are free!  Other's catch sight of me at the cricket and give me one of their fabulous strawberry pancakes from their stall.  Some are on my facebook!  One is now my hairdresser, another puts a smile on my face everytime I hear her name.  Another thinks I'm actually funny!  (No one has thought that before LOL)

  • I see joy in EVERY face I deliver the Thermomix to!  Not just a few, but EVERYONE loves it.  Do you know how good that makes you feel??  In my "how're you going" phone calls a week or so later I am amazed at what they have been making!!  What's more, the joy in their voice never fails to put a smile on my face.

  • I have had my most humbling and treasured moments while a Thermomix Consultant..
    • To be sent photos of meals etc that other people have made - one treasured photo is from Josh - a 10yo with the BIGGEST sponge cake I have ever seen!
    • To hear, from a person who's fingers and hands don't work due to illness, "Look!  I'm cooking like a real person" - made me tear up!
    • To hear from a person with arthrisitis - I made cream puffs!  I haven't been able to make them for years!
    • To hear that the Thermomix has made "such a difference" to people's lifestyle
    • And laugh when I get an SMS's that says "help.... help.... I want to go to sleep but Thermy wants to keep on cooking"

So... after all that... is it worth it?  YES! I decided at the very start, that I would take a photo of all my clients and their new thermomix. Not everyone wants their photo taken... I can understand that... but I have just uploaded some more of my "happy TMXer" photos - I was amazed that I have now got to my SECOND PAGE of photos! There are over 70 photos there now....amazing. I did that! I brought the Thermomix into their lives!! Lucky me!!!

By the way... did you catch that I am looking for people wanting to do what I am doing in the Salisbury Area?  On the radio today I heard that the job market is getting tougher and tougher and in SA there are 3 people for every job!  Here's one - if you are serious about becoming a Consultant then I am serious about helping you achieve that!! :D

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