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Pasties - Cornish or otherwise

Posted by Bee & John on February 14, 2012 at 7:25 PM

Ever since I delivered a Thermomix to a client who wanted to make Pasties as their first meal (I stick around as a bit of a saftey net while they do their first dish) I have wanted to make them too.  It is amazing how I'm not the size of a small whale (maybe I'm a tiny one already) with the recipes I want to make.  I'm like a kid in a lolly shop, even after nearly 2 years, I see a recipe and I want to make it too!!

ANYWAY - Pasties.  How easy!!!  

Pastry - easy peasy, make some shortcrust pastry.  

Filling - mince, Thermomix Stock (chicken or vegetable, I've tried both and they are both great) veggies of choice. (see alternatives below)

Put your mince into a large bowl with some stock (amont of stock depends on how many pasties you are making.  I would say 1/2 a teaspoon per pastie)

In the Thermomix bowl, put chopped veggies (remember to chop up to ice cube size) up to 800g worth.  What veggies?  I put  garlic (I chop the garlic first before doing the rest). onion, potato and carrot.  Then USING THE THERMOMIX SPATULA IN A FIRM STIRRING MOTION 2 STIRS PER SECOND mix the veggies on speed 4-5 for 4-5 seconds.  IF the pieces are too big, set the dial on closed lid position and just pulse turbo once and check.  repeat if necessary.  How big is too big??  That's up to you, they are YOUR pasties!

  • in a glass, crack an egg and a little milk.  Mix with a fork
  • Mix the chopped veggies with the meat 
  • Roll out a ball of dough into a rough circle and brush around the edge with the egg/milk mixture (easier to do without the filling there)
  • fill one 1/2 of the pastry, leaving a 1cm border on the filled side.
  •  fold over the pastry and press closed along the edge.  Don't worry if it squishes into a monster edge.  Seal and then either fold it all in a little bit to make it look pretty, or push it back in a bit with your fork.
  • When you have made them all and put on your baking tray, prick them with a fork
  • brush pasties with a little beaten egg and milk 
  • Cook on 200oC until lightly brown (about 20-30 minutes - depending on size)

HINT: I add a beaten egg and ground chia seeds to the meat/veggie mixture to add value.  I've made without, it isn't necessary, but good for all those goodies that Chia seeds can give you.  The egg is just a little liquid for the chia seeds to soak up - use milk or even just water.

ALTERNATIVES - Why have  boring pasties!

  • of course you can have just veggies - I'm a bit of a meat-asaurous so I wouldn't dream of leaving it out.... but would be just as yum without (if I can just convince MYSELF of that....)
  • I have made a moroccan version, using the moroccan lamb recipe (Meat on the Menu cookbook) as a guide - I even added the chick peas.  This was delicious.
  • I haven't made, but would LOVE to - an asian version.  lots of lovely asian veggies and spices, I think that even some noodles in there would be delish!
  • This is brilliant!!  One of my fabulous clients (Hi Brownwyn) made HAMBURGER pasties!  She added a bit of mince, made a well and dropped an egg in, some cheese, bacon, caramalised onion, tom sauce.  She added the salad part of the burger on the side when she served it.
  • Make different sized pasties to suit your needs.  I;ve made party sized ones for - well.... a party.
I would love to see your version of pasties!!!

HINT: don't get too strung out about the shape of the pastry.  Make it roughly round, fill it and THEN shape while sealing it.  It'll look perfect!

LESSON: do remember to use a fork to pierce the pastie a few times to let the steam out, that way the pastry will go and stay crunchy.

LESSON: the pastry should be thin.  Not paper thin, but as thin as you can without tearing while shaping.

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