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Gluten-Free Peanut Cookies (Fah Sang Peng)

Posted by Bee & John on March 14, 2012 at 2:10 AM

This recipe is from the website that never ceases to amaze me... the Unnoficial guide to what is great about the Thermomix....Super Kitchen Machine.  Helene does such an amazing job.

I noticed the recipe for these little bikkies when she posted it a little while ago, but didn't make them at the time.  Something about them just kept bringing me back to the recipe though..  As I read through the recipe it didn't look hard, then I got to the "mould each one in a little bottle cap" and I would think... "later, when I have more time".

I finally got off my bum and did them the other day.... They were easy, and made heaps!

I must say I did NOT shape them in little bottle caps... for two reasons.

  1. I an sure that the eye appeal might be greater in the proper little disks, but I figured that the taste would be the same without the proper shape; and
  2. not being a love of little chunks of nut (preferring a smoother consistency) I over processed the little darlings and they ended up a little gloopy to shape.

No worries..... I just used a teaspoon to make them roughly even, teaspoon shaped/sized gloopy blobs and then put a peanut in each of them.  THAT little touch did make them look special I think, take a few minutes to do that.

As for taste?  They were really delicious... for all intents and purposes, peanut shortbread.

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