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Posted by Bee & John on April 6, 2012 at 2:15 AM

I used to make Pikelets all the time... I had taught myself a mixture of ingredients that seem to work when I was younger and then just stuck to it.  Nothing much to it, beat eggs and milk together and then add self raising flour incrementally until it seemed almost thick enough and then let it sit.

But... I never had an actual pikelet recipe.  So, when I flicked through the Everyday Cookbook recently and saw THAT pikelet recipe, I stopped to think. 

My Mother-in-law makes really lovely pikelets and to be honest, although my made up recipe was serviceable,  it wasn't as good as Jeanette's.  So... I thought I would test run the Everyday Cookbook version.  John, who has eaten his mother's yummy pikelets every week or two all his life, was to be the judge.

YUM.  oh very yum!  Easy peasy and absolutely delicious.  John's verdict?  (drum roll please......) as good as his mum's!!!



  1. First of all, I did double the recipe.  We were having them for breakfast so the 1/2 doz that the recipe would have made just wouldn't have cut the mustard. 
  2. still let it sit!  I don't know the technicalities of WHY.... but I do know that letting a batter (pikelet, pancake, or to cover fish etc) sit for 15-30 minutes makes it a) thicker and b) smoother.  If it is TOO thick, add a little more milk and stir a bit
  3. It is a little too thick to pour from the Thermomix bowl and get it all easily (and you'll want it ALL) so I suggest scraping it into another bowl you can scoop some out of (do NOT put a metal spoon or scoop into your TMX bowl, your poor blades if you do!)
  4. PUT YOUR BOWL ONTO A SQUARE OF PAPER TOWEL - the mixture will invariably dribble down the sides and then on the bench.  The paper helps with the clean up later on
  5. Use olive oil on a little baking paper to wipe the saucepan between each batch so there is just a smear.  If you use butter there will be bits that will start to burn after a while and will make the pikelets go patchy
  6. WAIT until there is a little dry patch of batter around the edges of the Pikelets before turning over, then don't leave it on the second side as long.  That way you won't get blobs of batter flying everywhere.
  7. OIL the spatula that you are flipping them with also, makes for an easy flip
HINT: try adding fruit, choc chips! or even peanut butter to the batter.  Stir the latter in with the batter, but the former in the last bowl you use.

Three photos follow...  I know I have a groovy pikelet / crumpet / mini quiche pan - but you don't need it.  Just use any good, solid frypan. (I've had the pan for about 22 years and got it from Bessemer... I don' t know if they sell them anymore)

ONE - See the dry patch around the edge??

TWO - see how the bottom isn't as brown?  BUT - they will be cooked all the way through!!  trust me!

THREE - eat and enjoy!!  We did!  Homemade jam, home made butter, home made icing sugar to go with the lemons and home made peanut butter (in the recycled store bought jar)


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