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Chelsea Buns

Posted by Bee & John on April 8, 2012 at 12:30 AM

Often inspitred by recipe posts I get through my email or Facebook... I was suitably injected with a case of "oh yes!!"' this morning.  John was still asleep and the hot cross buns I WAS going to make was all but a distant memory, so.... Chelsea Buns it was!!

The Facebook post was from "Why is there Air" and was for Chelsea buns.  It is a good recipe but let me warn you that the flour weight is wrong, so if you are going to make them - The weight asked for was 450g of baker's flour (that's what the STRONG white flour is) but I used an extra 100g making it up to 550g.

Why?  Well, the 450g just made a goo.  I think the author may have not taken into account the liquid component of the eggs and liquid butter - or just made a typo.  I've made enough of those to be nothing but sympathetic! [my website editor doesn't have spell check :-( ]


LESSON: it doens't talk about letting the dough rise before rolling out. I would recommend this AND let it rise again afterwards. Why? It will make a lighter dough and less "yeasty"




NOTE: do not be tempted to swap the bakers (or "strong") flour for plain flour. It is called bakers (or strong) for a reason. It is "strong" enough to keep it's shape as the yeast does it's thing and creates all the little air pockets to make the dough "rise". Plain flour will be too soft and will collapse.

NOTE: the 550g of flour is still a sticky dough.  DO NOT put any more flour in!!  You want it a LITTLE gooey.  Why?  two reasons.  

1) a slightly sticky dough will make a lighter bread, especially important with these buns.  

2) you are adding DRY fruit.  They will suck up a bit of the moisture

HINT: I used a mixture of fruit, but MY OWN mixture.  a mixture of currants, saltanas and cranberries.  YUM!!  Be creative!  you aren't locked into little packets that come in the supermarket marked "dried fruit", especially if you don't like it!!  (I dont like dried peel).  You aren't limited to dried fruit either, use fresh - use nuts - use seeds if you prefer (eg: poppy seeds in the swirl with a little orange peel either dried with it, or zapped before making the dough so it is in the dough!)

LESSON:  I suffered from a case of "I know what I am doing" and mixed the filling all together instead of brushing the dough with the melted butter THEN adding the dried fruit and sugar.  Turned out ok.

HINT: it tells you to cut into 12.  I had a smaller dish so I cut into 8.  You know what that meant?  5 mintues longer to cook and yummy BIGGER buns.  No sweat!

two photos follow

1- before second rise and baking

after baking and brushing some golden syrup along the top

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