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How to - Scrolls

Posted by Bee & John on May 10, 2012 at 2:05 AM

I was at a really fun demo last night with people who are fast becoming friends... when Aimee said - "but HOW do you make scrolls".... so for you Aimee!..

First of all, what scrolls?  ANY.  I am doing a sweet dough, Chelsea Buns, here, but do a plain bread and fill with Vegemite and cheese (or vegemite and camembert, my fav!), ham cheese mayo, pizza stuff... the list is as long as your imagination (or ideas you take from others LOL)

Step 1.  Make your bread and let it prove once

Step 2 - roll out in rough rectangle 

Roll out about 1cm thick

Step 3 - spread with filling (remember, these are going to be chelsea buns so it is a sweet dough and the filling is also sweet - I have here melted butter, brown sugar, chopped apricots and cranberries - what YOU use is up to you).  You don't need much.

Step 4 - start to roll up the bread dough using the mat or the baking paper (you might have to fold over the first bit by hand)

The Rolled dough

Step 5 - squish the dough.  This presses the filling into the dough a bit AND evens out the shape

Step 6 - Cut them into shape

NOTE NOTE NOTE NOTE - do NOT cut with a sharp knife on the thermomat!! (this is why I USALLY do this on baking paper and then I can use a sharp knife... shhhhhh)

When I'm cutting the roll,  I find I get the slices more even if I start off by cutting into half, then 1/4s and then either in half or thirds from then, depending on how thick I want them

I wanted 12 this time, so here they are cut into 12

Step 7 - Put them in a container or on a tray.  These are chelsea buns so I put into a buttered dish.  Pizza scrolls I put on a tray but not as close as these

Step 8 - let prove again

Proved scrolls :-)

Step 9 - put into oven

Step 10 - eat or impress others.... or do both!!!

(actually, with chelsea buns you now need to put a sticky glaze on them to finish, but that isn't part of the scroll process so don't worry aobut that unless you are making Chelsea buns :-))

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