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In The Mix - Cooking Book and Classes

Posted by Bee & John on May 29, 2012 at 6:35 PM

So... Who has been to the In the Mix cooking classes held around Australia recently? If you had a window to see into my office, you would see me bouncing around on my chair going "me!  me!  ME!"

Ok, this is just between you and me right?  When I heard Dani Valent was coming to SA to do the cooking classes with recipes from In The Mix, I was excited... then I saw the price ($80) and I quailed!  ouch.  

However, now that I have been, what is my verdict?  Well, I still think, personally, that $80 was expensive and out of the range of many, but I found that the class was WELL worth it!  

Talk about a specialty class.... wait, I think that better be in capitals SPECIALTY CLASS!....   Now, I have not only a greater appreciation for the In The Mix cookbook, but and even better appreciation of what is possible in our wonderful Thermomix!  To be honest, I was already a fan (surpised? LOL - OK that might be evident) but I was envigorated and enthused over and above what I though was my Thermomix-Wow-Limit

So, what was so special about the class?  Well, to answer that I need to take you back to the In The Mix cookbook itself.  At demonstrations I would bring out the cook books at the end of the demo, and then wave the In The Mix cookbook around as an example of the "arty farty" recipes that you can do with the cookbook.  I loved the book, (who wouldn't, with it's beautiful photos and fancy recipes), but I loved it as I would a piece of classic art.  I personally didn't think that the book was something that I would actually use myself.  (remember, this little black duck is no cook, I'm a chuck in and forget sorta person).

Now, back to the class..... I sat there at the In The Mix cooking class, with my "how good can it be" face on - but by the end of the class my chin was dirty... I had dropped my jaw so much it was dragging on the floor!  I think the turning point was the laughter of the other consultants when I tried the dry-ice sorbet (aparenlty my eyes grew to the size of saucers), it was SO much more delicious that I could have possibly imagined!  The amazing Chlorophyll paste and the delicious, envigorating drink that it was used in, the delicious parsley oil - and we haven't even got to the list of the main dishes she did!

There was one in particular, that even the picture of it amazes people for the shear size of a meal that can come out of the thermomix... easily!  And that was the stir fried beef and veggies.  I'm making that next week so stay tuned!

What changes has it made in my life?  


  1. Well I came home and had another look at the cookbook!!!  No longer do I consider it to be a beautiful piece of art, but in my next look at the cookbook I saw things that I would enjoy both making and eating!  Many more than I realised... where were they before?  Hidden behind my misconception of the book!!
  2. I am more confident in trying some of the recipes that I would NEVER have considered before... Dani did 10 of those fancy dishes in just over 2 hours!!  How hard can they be?  Well they aren't!  I have made the crumpets, the muslie bars, the quince paste and the onion flan so far... with more to go!!  I REALLY want to make the truffles!!!  All will be on this blog as soon as I have another few spare minutes!
  3. This little "do I have to eat my veggies" person, has really got into the whole green juice and smoothie bandwagon!  With envigorating results!!
  4. I have an even higher level of confidence in my cooking.  I have gone from "i couldn't do that" to "bring it on!" in three words.... In The Mix!

So, who hasn't got the book??  You can buy them online at the Thermomix website - you won't be sorry!  Great recipes and a beautiful book.

Sadly, at the last demonstration my freshly appreciated book got drenched and is an absolute wreck :(  Luckily I am a proponent of "seeing good in bad", I might not be able to bring it to my demonstrations to show off any more... but I CAN have it at home now!! - as soon as I can pry the pages apart LOL

Following are some photos from the class, the first is a photo of me standing next to Dani, who very kindly allowed me to pose next to her like a star struck teenager!


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