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sort of a warning for members....

Posted by Bee & John on June 14, 2012 at 2:30 AM

A warning?

Don't worry, nothing really bad... but you may be getting  a few re-posts over the next month or so.

it has been slowly dawning on me that my categories for how yummy things taste have proved to be a bit redundant!  EVERYthing tastes yummy :-)

Then I had a thought... what if I used my 3 options for categories to list what BOOKS the reviews come from?

I intend to slowly go back to my earlier posts and change the categories from "how yum" to "where from" - but I am not sure if that means that every time I change a post you will get an "she's darn well changed it again" email.

If you do, I am sorry - I do think it will be more useful in the long run tho.

Cheers  Bee

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