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Posted by Bee & John on June 24, 2012 at 11:05 PM

Butter!  Why make it yourself??  Well, if you have never tasted home made butter, you dont realise what a bland thing supermarket butter really is!!  Home made butter is just delicious and you REALLY notice how fresh it tastes!!

There are clear steps in the Australian Everyday Cookbook (Basic section) and Helene has a wonderful video on her website.

I thought I would take you beyond the recipe to the OTHER steps useful in making your butter making experience fun.

STEP 1 - get some proper cream.  

You need to get cream that has no aditives in it!  Most of the supermarket cream does - even the stuff that says "pure" - so double check.  They have been known to add gelatin to the cream to STOP it turning into butter.  Not so useful in this case!  I am lucky because John can order Fleurieu Milk Company's cream through the Butcher shop so every now and again I ask him to order 2x 2litres of it for me.  Because of that, I don't know which supermarket brands are the best to use for butter - perhaps you can add some brands through your comments?

HINT: the older the cream, the better the butter! I have been known to even go a few days past the useby date!

STEP 2 - get yourself 2 bowls with 2 colanders.  One will be for the butter milk (the liquid that comes from the butter after the cream has first separated), one for the milky water (after the rinsing with cold water)

The butter milk can be used for scones, pancakes, bread etc... but don't discard the milky water - also great for bread or for mashed potatoes!!

STEP 3 - fill the sink with hot soapy water - your hands are going to get buttery and unless you want to smear butter on everything... get something to wash your hands in

STEP 4: get a large container of ICY - REALLY really cold water - the salt (if using) and the oil (if using) ready

Then you can start!


  1. Add up to 600g of cream and whip using the butterfly
  2. when the cream separates into butter and buttermilk, strain into the first bowl.
  3. SQUEEZE the butter to get the buttermilk out of it
  4. take out the butterfly
  5. put the butter back into the TM bowl
  6. put the BUTTERFLY into the colander for the buttermilk to remind you not to strain into that the next time
  7. add a good amount of VERY cold water tot he TM bowl
  8. wash butter by beating on speed 6 for 30 seconds
  9. strain into the second bowl and SQUEEZE it to get out as much moisture as possible
  10. repeat steps 7 through to 9 again.  Why?  Well, butter won't go off as long as it is kept in the fridge... but buttermilk will go off quickly so you need to get rid of it all.
  11. put the well squeezed butter into the TM bowl, add some salt and a little oil (if using) and whip it on speed 6 for 20-30 seconds
  12. put into containers and refridgerate or freeze
  13. start again with next lot of cream - no need to wash the bowl first.


Have fun and enjoy!!

Just one thing further - while you have some butter handy - have a think about different types of butter you can make..... I have a whole list (including sme recipes) on my website here.

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