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Cleaning your TMX bowl

Posted by Bee & John on July 18, 2012 at 8:35 PM

How easy is it to clean your Thermomix?  

Lets face it, it is super easy!  But sometimes you want to go the whole hog and give your work horse the equivalent of a spa day or a car detailing job!



  • The outside of the cradle (the white bits) - use a soft, damp cloth and then dry with a cloth or paper towel.
  • The dials and buttons - the same, but make sure the cloth is ONLY damp and not dripping


AND - at the very bottom of the dial and button faceplate - there is a slight gap between the clear covering of the dials and buttons, and thethe white section of the cradle right at the bottom.  Turn your Thermy upside down and run a toothpick along that little crack - it's amazing what comes out!.


  • There are some vents on the side of the thermomix - cleaning these are easy with a toothpick.  No need to go digging deep, just clean the actual vent.
  • the little indents at the top where the lid locks in - use a small brush, like a baby bottle teat brush and/or a damp cloth.  Clean it is easy if you move the cloth like you are flossing it.
  • the little "flower" where the blades sit - this is a sealed section, but I wouldn't suggest flooding it with water :-).  just use a cloth to wipe out any little bits of food that can get caught here.  Use a small brush or a toothpick to dig out anything stubborn.  Why?  Leaving stuff in here may make the blades squeek.
  • the silicon pad where the pins go through - DO NOT CLEAN.  This would be unnecessary and dangerous if you got any water in there
  • Underneath the thermomix - I may have left this until last but it is the most important!!  Keep those 3 round feet clean!  Using a soft cloth to clean them will ensure that your scales will give you a true reading.  Don' t forget the feet ARE your scales, and are sensitive enough that a grain of sugar or rice caught under the feet will reduce your highly sophisticated scales into guesswork.




  • Super easy.  Use your Thermomix brush to clean the holes and then clean in hot soapy water
  • Drying your Varoma straight away will leave it shiny and special



Lets face it, it is SUPER easy to clean if you clean it immediately, Use the basic self cleaning method that you were taught on delivery (also shown below) or your Thermomix brush - or both.  In the case where you need something special....

  • BASIC wash
    • a) USE YOUR BRUSH! the poor understood brush may look a lot like a toilet brush but, it is the BEST thing to clean your bowl!!  Alternate between each quarter of blades, stick it in and spin around the bowl 3 or 4 times, then choose another quarter.
    • b) fill bowl with water to the top of the blade knob ONLY (cold for dough, warm for oily/buttery residue).  Put the lid on and the MC in.  Wash on speed 7 for 7 seconds and then hit reverse.  When it hits 14 seconds HIT REVERSE AGAIN (it is SO annoying to have it on reverse when the next thing you are going to do is grind someting.  Bashing it with the blunt side of the blades isn't as effective).  Now - here is the important thing.  Use Turbo!.  Why?  Well, the washing loosens everything up and the turbo boost will throw everying off the blades AND wash the lid.
  • SCRUBBING - you CAN use a soft, not scratch scrubbing pad, easier to do once you remove the blades.  But to scrub the blades too, use egg shells - yup, weird I know, but if you are doing a bit of baking... save your egg shells.  Grinding 5-20 egg shells in 200g of water will give it a great scrub, without any effort on your part!  By the way, so will grinding grains, salt and even sugar.
  • GREASE and GERMIES - Put 50-100g of vinegar and 500g of water into your TM bowl, insert your butterfly, and cook on 100oC for 10 minutes, speed 4.  This will super clean your thermomix ready for egg whites or yogurt making.
  • SUPER DOOPER - put 500ml of white vinegar and 5-10g of detergent into your thermomix bowl and cook on 100oC for 6 minutes on speed 4.  This will FROTH up amazingly - it's meant to.  LEAVE IT sitting in the froth until it all cools down.  Result? Super shiny bowl :-)  I like to include the butterfly and that gives that a clean too.


Here is the frothy super dooper clean effect....  Frothy while cooking

leaves a shiny bowl after it starts to cool.

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