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Salt Crusted Chicken (or beef, fish etc)

Posted by Bee & John on August 14, 2012 at 9:10 PM

I have heard about salt crusted chicken - saw the recipe in a Women's Weekly Cookbook MANY years ago... but hadn't tried it... been thinking about it though......


It just hit me the other day... I want to try it!!

What is it? Basically a dough with a very high salt content that bakes HARD over the meat, creating a locked in, spekky looking meal with the TENDEREST meat. It's a bit hands on with you needing to stick butter under the chicken skin.. but well worth it taste wise!!



My first problem was that I only had chicken pieces... was it going to work. I did some research and Salt Crusting seems to be used for everything large and small so off I went to buy some more salt (having used mine up in a couple of batches of stock recently).


Why did I put this dish under "my recipe" category and didn't link to other recipes? Basically it is because all the recipes were basically the same....

Step one: seasoned butter under chicken skin

Step two: coat chicken in pastry

step three: bake for 1-2 hours depending on size of chicken

step four: crack open pastry and discard.

Step five: eat chicken and enjoy



I used chicken pieces, but I have to say it would be better with a whole chook.



Most recipes featured seasoned butter. Nothing special, mainly just a bit of parsley and perhaps garlic. That is what I used.. I chopped the garlic clove first, then added butter and some parsley (which gets chopped while you are mixing it all together - speed 5-6 for 10-20 seconds)


Lesson: put a tablespoon or two in a small container and use THAT to put under the skin of the chicken. Otherwise, if you use the larger pot you have to throw the unused bit away as you've had raw chickeny fingers dipping into it... not cool.


(NO need to wash the bowl - go straight to the pastry)



This is basically a mixture of plain flour with salt and a small handful of herbs (what you have to hand).

For one whole chicken you will need....

  • 500g of plain flour
  • 300g of salt (just cooking salt)
  • 1 egg
  • handfull of herbs 
  • cold water

  • mix/grind on speed 7 for 10 seconds
  • reduce speed to 5 and start slowly pouring in cold water through the hole at the top. Watch the pastry as you pour in water, when the dough starts to come together into a single ball (JUST starts to come together, don't make a soggy dough) stop pouring and stop the speed. Knead on Interval Speed for 30 seconds and take out of bowl.
  • (It is best to let it sit for 30 minutes - in the fridge - for the dough to do it's binding thing.)
  • roll out the dough - not too thin, but doesn't have to be thick - about 3-4mm - the dough should be big enough to go over the chicken AND fold up on the sides. You want it well covered.
  • Can then keep it in the fridge and cook later - don't worry if there are a few cracks as it isn't supposed to be completely air tight.
  • Cook on 200oC for 1.5 hours, but don't worry if it is longer - that bird is NOT going to dry out!! If much later than 10 minutes (guests held up etc) then just switch off the oven and leave the chook in there.
  1. don't use too much butter or it will make the dough soggy and therefore the chicken salty
  2. best to use a whole chook - too much wastage for smaller pieces - and although the chicken wasn't that salty, if you use a whole chook it will be less salty overall.
  3. put in a dish, it may be because my pieces were smaller and it may be the excess butter... or a combination of both... but there was quite a bit of dripping coming out of the pastry
  4. VERY yummy!

LAST NOTE: this is, basically, the same technique - resulting in the same yummy texture - as using an oven bag.  WHY would you do this?  Its cool!!!  Why not!



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