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Flour by weight or cup... Why Thermomix wins again

Posted by Bee & John on August 18, 2012 at 5:05 AM

Just how much DOES a cup of flour weigh??

While trolling around the internet for one thing or another, I came across a very interesting online article.  It maybe a basic bit of web work, but the information was really quite eyeopening for me and something, if I had thought about it, that can make a difference to many a recipe.


Basically, what the article says you should measure your flour rather than use a cup measurement.


Why?  Think about  you measure a cup of flour using a cup measure? Do you scoop up the flour and then level off the top of the cup with a knife or something similar? Or, do you fill the cup measurement, tap the flour down and then level it off? Or... do you use either of those methods and just shake it flat, having a slightly rounded mound of flour on top? Each of these methods make a surprisingly large different in the weight of the flour. As the guy says, if you are making bikkies or only using a small amount of flour itisn't going to make much difference, but when you are making a larger item - ie: bread - then the amount of flour you use can make the difference between a great loaf and a heavy/collapsed one.


Using a set of scales provides an exact amount of flour ensuring an exact, replicable and perfect every time.


The Thermomix's fabulous set of scales is just one more point of perfection to a brilliant machine

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