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Posted by Bee & John on September 15, 2012 at 6:50 PM

We are all spoiled in Australia!  99% our Thermomixes are personally delivered and - in my case especially - we stay as LONG as it takes before the person is comfortable with it before we leave.   Luckily for the new clients, that doesn't take up all their day LOL, usually between 1-3 hours.

We explain how the thermomix works, get people to try taking out the blades and trying the lid and seal.  We then clean the themy with water and vinegar - boiling it to get any possible germies and oil residue out.  I then sit back and act as support as someone tries their first dish.

My clients... lucky little things that they are.... all get a laminated sheet with my tips and hints.  It wasn't until I read a post on my facebook page that "Feisty Tappas" - who is Spanish and lives in the UK - had to unpack her thermy all by herself that I realised that it might be handy for others to read these  too.  I won't go through them all, but here are some of the handier ones!!


  1. Tap your spatula on the inside of the bowl rather than the top!  The thermomix is designed to last 20-30 years and constantly tapping on the top of the bowl will (eventually) make a dint and you will loose the integrity of the lid seal ie: it will start dripping.  OBVIOUSLY we're talking many MANY years... but you don't want it to happen do you?
  2. Scales - the Thermomix scales are SUPER sensitive!  Not reading right?  I bet it is because it is one of these very common reasons...
    • if the thermomix is not level it will not give a correct reading.  Did you know that it doesn't even have to be an obvious slant... even resting one of the thermomix litte feet on a grain of rice or a few grains of sugar can do it!  KEEP THE FEET CLEAN
    • are any cords or anything ELSE leaning on your thermomix?  That can give you more weight than it should
    • are YOU leaning on the thermomix as you pour in your ingredients??
    • is the cord of the Thermomix completely extended??
  3. While we are on the Thermomix "feet" - as THEY form the basis of the scales, it is very important not to drag your thermomix from one area on your bench to another.  Now to be honest, nothing will happen for YEARS if you do... but as I say to my clients/friends, it is designed to last 20-30 years, why not make sure it does!!  Do not drag your thermomix but PLACE IT - that's right, lift and place it in the new spot.  (By the way, THAT is why it is easy to get cooking ingredients under the feet and why you need to keep checking to make sure they are clean)
  4. The blades....
    • Make sure you TAKE them out, not DROP them out!  The blades work through the material used, the speed and the SHAPE.  If you drop it repeatedly you might bend or chip the blades.... not to MENTION the damage that it can cause if they are dropped on your toe LOL
    • use a baby's teat brush to clean right in the crease under the blades (after you take them out of course, hard to do otherwise LOL)
    • There is a seal on the blades, to make sure you get a liquid tight seal.  Leave it on!!!!  It doesn't neet to be taken off to clean underneath!  Just move it down a bit
  5. Double lock safety feature.  You need to lock the lid on top AND through the dial before using TURBO or KNEADING (Interval speed)
  6. To clear the timer, press the + and the - buttons at the same time
  7. If you use the spatula clockwise, you avoid getting nicks in the blade (because it goes with the blunt side of the blades that way)
  8. Chope your veggies etc.  Nothing bigger in the Thermomix than a large icecube sized item.  VERY important to stick to recommended weights, sizes and times.  Why?
    • a thermomix can HANDLE a whole onion, but it won't chop it evenly - so quarter it!
    • a Thermomix can HANDLE chpping more than the recommended amount of chocolate... but will be melting some of it before it is all chopped.
    • More than 2 litres of liquid will make a HELL of a mess!  don't do it!!
  9. WAIT until the thermomix has settled down after switching it on, before you do anything or you might get a "not ready yet" error message.  I suggest to my clients that they should treat Thermy like a teenager, it likes to be COMPLETELY awake before doing anything
  10. you can immerse the Thermomix bowl completely in the water... but it needs to be dry before putting it back on the cradle.
  11. I know this is something that you might have heard ad nauseam, but do NOT leave your Thermomix alone while it is kneading (ie: interval speed).  It gets a little energetic and you don't want it to dance it's way off the benc to land on the floor!

These are some machine tips and reminders - I'll do another post with cooking hints and tips soon :D


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