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Posted by Bee & John on September 23, 2012 at 6:10 PM

In january this year, I popped up a  post about meat.  I sat the John boy down and got some nitty gritty on meat choices for stews, casseroles and the best meat for mince (here)

On a lovely Sunday drive yesterday we ended up at a restaurant in the Barossa Valley and I had a lucsious hamburger - asking John a simple question ended up providing a real relevation for me about minced meat.... I thought I'd share.

I asked John why you have to cook minced meat REALLY well - why can't you have it raw? (not that I'd want it!)  Why do you have to use minced meat within 24 hours?

Well...... He explained that once you mince larger pieces of meat you have a larger surface area and that is why it should be cooked earlier than the larger pieces of meat.  Ok... I understand that, that is logical....

But what was something that I didn't know, is that purely in the mincing of the meat - with the meat going through the grinder, there is a heat applied to the meat!  The friction of the blades mincing the meat generates a tiny, but significant amount of heat.  With finely minced meat you have the added complication of it going through two mining blades AND the further friction of squishing through a super fine mesh.

Have your mince fresh (ie: minced minutes ago in the Thermomix) and you can HAVE a medium raw hamburger or even quite raw in that (disgusting) Steak Tartare dish.

However, if your meat was minced 1-24 hours ago - it is quite safe, it just needs to be WELL cooked!

Is this the same problem with the Thermomix?  Yup - you can bet your ducky it is!  The Thermomix blades travel at 250ks an hour at the speed that we use to mince meat and even a short time in Thermy means you are introducing a little friction - but where the Thermomix comes up trumps is that you USE IT STRAIGHT AWAY!  

No pretty minced meat piccy's - but a photo of the Beautiful Barossa Valley this time of year with the vines budding and the canola fields in full bloom!  (taken the day before our trip for lunch, on the way back from a lovely demo with such a wonderful family!)

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