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Gifting with a Thermomix

Posted by Bee & John on November 6, 2012 at 10:35 PM

Well... unless you don't celebrate it - Christmas is close enough to send the wobbles through most of our knees as we plan on what to do for Xmas.  

Now, if you have a Thermomix - then Christmas day is easy.  We have our fantastic new Festive Flavour cookbook available soon and Festive Flavoured cooking classes too (subtle plug.... My Festive Flavour cooking class in Gawler on the 5th of Dec.  Book through me)

But... what about PRESENTS?  The big ones we usually know what we are doing... but what about all those "little" presents - those ones we don't worry about too much, like Teacher presents, work Kris Kringles, acquaintances - you know who I mean.  Well, add these "little" gifts all up and you'll find you have spent a fortune!!

Superkitchenmachine.com has a fantastic page set up for hints and tips on what you can make and gift from the Thermomix - There is a list in the article itself, but then HEAPS more in the comments below.  Fantastic Helene!!

I had to try one... just HAD to!!  Lemon Cleaning Concentrate.  Weeeeeelllllll...... the recipe may SAY lemons, but when you have a hankering for a particular recipe and you don't HAVE any lemons at hand but you DO have some oranges from your tree that ended up being too sour to eat.... you make ORANGE cleaning concentrate.

How EASY was that!!!  and it looks and smells fantastic!  As I heard someone say... NATURE has the best colours!  And work?  Well, let me tell you!  I have JUST finished using some VERY expensive marble paste for our stainless steel kettle and then used the concentrate for our stainless steel sink... can't see much difference between them!!!  I'll be making this from now on!!

Cost per jar?  um.... about $1 - and 80c of that is for the JAR!!

LESSON: Don't worry with the consistency, it seems very gooey and not that scratchy when you use it - but that is GOOD!  It will cleanse without scratches.  It is amazing on stainless steel!

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