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Lemon Cleaning Concentrate

Posted by Bee & John on January 17, 2013 at 6:05 PM

Before Christmas, Super Kitchen Machine put this amazing list of gifts you can make in the Thermomix!  One that really caught my attention was the Lemon Cleaning Concentrate.  How good did that sound!!  Helene has the link from the French Foodie website, but SHE got it from the UK Thermomix website

I wanted to make it RIGHT AWAY!  Problem was... I didn't have lemons.  SO - I made it first with oranges - it was OK.  But it didn't have that tart, citrusy smell.

Then I made it with lemons WOW  Then... I made it with Limes.. EVEN WOWWER!  Why limes?  Aren't they expensive?  Sure, as a rule, but I was given a whole box of quite ripe limes about 6 months ago and I had chucked them in the freezer - easy peasy!!

Back to the concentrate.....

How easy was it to make?  VERY EASY

How does it work?  It has a light scouring action similar to Jif.  It isn't going to scour your BBQ clean, but it is AMAZING on your stove, benches and sinks!  

DOES it work? Sure does!  Its a really soft, but lightly scouring, cleanser - as I said, similar to Jif.  Its lovely to do your benches etc BEFORE doing the dishes, and then you have all that lovely lemony (or limey) goodness and fragrance in the dish water.

Looks good enough to eat.... but luckily it is way too salty!  And, no - I didn't try :lol:

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