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Butter Spread

Posted by Bee & John on April 16, 2013 at 5:20 AM

Now that winter is approaching - well,  not in South Australia yet - although a little cooler in the evenings, the sun is sunny still - but the portents are there! (sorry - went into an "i'm sick of this warm weather rant then... back on track  now)

So, now that winter is approaching (no rant... see?) the prospect of hard butter is apon us once again.

People often ask me how long butter lasts when you make it yourself - well, the answer is - ages!  It isn't the actual butter that goes off, it is the buttermilk IN the butter.  If you make the butter well, wash it well with the ice cold water (I've been known to wash it 2 or 3 times), then you have washed and squeezed out all the buttermilk and you are left with the actual butter and it'll last for ages!

But, the fact of the matter is - butter will be hard in cooler temperatures and in cool places (like, the main culprit - the fridge!). 

The other week - while I was in Hong Kong with Thermomix (did you catch that little boast right there??) John was left all alone, and he did what he always does when in that situation..... went happily off for a week fishing (a little TOO happily perhaps?).  Guess what he bought?  BUTTER!  He actually bought butter!  He told me that it was a butter that spreads well from the fridge.  

I remembered then, a client letting me know about a butter spread recipe from Jo's website. The Quirky Cooking website is so well known around the world, that most of us regulars just call it the quirky website!  She has a recipe for a butter spread that I - doubting thomas that I am - had to actually TRY before I believed it was any good. 

What is the recipe?  Easy actually - 300g butter (room temp) - 300g water - 300g of oil (I used rice bran) - then whip (with your butterfly in) on speed 4 until the whole thing is light, creamy and er... whippy.  You'll know when it happens.

Tested?  Yes!  John tried it on toast - he liked the taste.  I tried it on bread and it spread well from the fridge.  I tried it in a container left on the bench until it reached room temp and waited to see if it seperated (it didn't) and then I used it to fry up some mushies for a mushroom butter sauce.

The butter spread worked well!!  10 out of 10 Jo, thank you!!  I think the most surprising thing is just HOW far 300g of butter can go when you add the oil and water!

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