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Is the bowl big enough?

Posted by Bee & John on July 31, 2013 at 1:35 AM

A very common thing that happens at my demos are people who look at the Thermomix... shake their head and said... yeah but I cook for a large family.  You know them right?

We heard yesterday (at our meeting) about a Canteen Chef/manager who caters for 150-280 kiddy meals a day.... all with ONE thermomix (three bowls).  What's more, he has the same thermomix he bought 6 years ago!!

We heard how he did it and while he was a fascinating orator and seemed a really lovely guy, (no wonder the kids love him!) ... but what he said was just SO interesting and logical!

He said for the first 3 hours, his Thermomix works almost full time - while he gets the rest of the prep done and does some paperwork.

Everyday he makes 3 doughs in thermy which takes 6 minutes + grates (in the thermomix) 5 kilos of Mozzarella Cheese + crushes tomatoes for the base.  All this makes 3 large pizzas giving 20 slices each.  

He said that Mozzarella cheese is very low fat and tastes great.  That when he was transitioning from the "bought" pizza bases to the Thermy ones, the kids would write on the bags... HOME MADE ONES in big letters LOL

What else does he offer?  Spag bol, Butter Chicken to mention just a few (getting a menu soon I hope) - both recipes from the EDC, and each batch gives  him 14 (kiddy) sized serves. Another thing he does is make heaps of rice in the Thermomix - some going with the other dishes (eg: butter chicken) and some going to make sushi.

How does he make so many dishes at once?  Well, he does make some things fresh (lilke the pizza) but for others he makes one or two dishes of a couple of meals a day and then puts "serves" into kiddy sized foil containers and freezes them.  In the morning, after getting the orders taking out enough to fill the orders for the day and warms them in 1 or 2 pie heaters.

The most amazing part of his talk?

  • he makes money (more than enough to cover his wage if that was a necessity but isn't at his school)
  • he saves time - I don't know ANYONE who wouldn't pay to get an extra hour or two a day! 
  • He finds that parents feel the kids can eat better and whats more.... cheaper than what they can send with them themselves!

His background is as a chef - and he had never worked in a canteen before, but said he will never do anything else now.  He also runs (in his free time!!) a "Food Club" with the kids, introducting them to recipes and foods that they might not have tried.  He said that the parents are now saying that is going back home, with their demands that mum or dad buy them things that they tried in Food Club - things that the family had not actually tried before either.

He shared one of his recipes with us - Fruity Jelly - as he said, Jelly crystals are cheap, but his recipe is colour free and very low in sugar.  He said they walk out the door!  

I just made a batch of his recipe (have a demo at a workplace on Friday for 20+ people... just the thing!!!)  Interestingly, from the time I take to make the jelly, with the costs of the ingredients and what he sells them for.... I extrapolated that, even using special "sugar free" whole juice and strawberries/bananas/mandarines like I did.....  he can "earn" $180 profit an hour making these!!!!

Three cheers for Neville!!!!

Fruity Jellies
  • 2 litres of Juice
  • 35g of Gelatine powder (8 teaspoons)
  • (makes 30 little 100ml containers with fruit, would make about 20-22 without)
  • Fruit.  Optional.  What fruit did I use?  3 bananas, 1 punnet of strawberries and 1 mandarine.  I mixed up the fruit
  • Pour1/2 the juice into the TM bowl
  • add the gelatine
  • cook for 5 mintues, at 80oC on speed 3
  • add the rest of the juice
  • stir on speed 2 for 1 mintue until well combined
  • pour over fruit in little cups
  1. Do NOT stir higher than speed 2 at the end... it WILL combine and you won't end up with the froth I did
  2. Of course, you don't have to use disposable containers for home!

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