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Salted Caramel Toffee

Posted by Bee & John on September 1, 2013 at 11:05 PM

It doesn't surprise me that Jo Whitton, from Quirky Cooking, had beaten everyone to the salted caramel craze! I remembered making her Rapadura-Maple Syrup Butter Toffee when she first posted it, in 2011 and LOVING it - but then forgot about it.


It came to mind a couple of weeks ago, as I had bought my first big bag of Rapudura sugar (always used Raw Sugar in the past). After the first fail (I had to throw out the saucepan AND the toffee) I gave it another go and OMG! What is it but salted caramel toffee!!


I think I've made it about 5 times over the past few weeks. Research of course!! Trying to make it easy for anyone else who would like to make it. The hints below may make it seem difficult.. but the hints make it seem harder than it is... it is easy really! and the taste of them is AMAZING





1- If you are roasting nuts for the toffee.... watch them, they can burn quickly


2- When you are crushing the nuts - CAREFUL! in your thermomix on about speed 4 for 1-2 seconds or you'll get powder.... now powder isn't BAD... just not as pretty - I have made them without nuts... FAB.


3- I used a candy themometer when I first made it a few weeks ago, thinking htat it will save me from burning it (the very FIRST time I tried it in 2011 I burnt the first attempt), but this time I was going to make it foolproof and use that brand new candy themometer.... I burnt the toffee SO badly I had to throw away my saucepan and air out the house for a day.... on a COLD day! yuk! The candy themometer is now in the bin!


4- The main bits of advice

  • The difference between perfect and burnt toffee is about 5-10 seconds. so CAREFUL. 

  • My advice would be to cook it all over a very VERY low heat with a good hard bottomed saucepan, so the hard crack stage doesn't sneak up on you. Takes a bit longer but the house smells better!!
  • I notice that it is about 15 mintues after the butter goes in that it starts getting closer to being a firm toffee. It might be another 5 minutes after that... it might be 10... before it is at the hard crack stage. Remember that is with MY stove, so don't leave it alone.
  • Test regularly with the ice cold water to know when it is at the hard crack stage. (Jo has a great explaination - but basically it is when you put a little bit of toffee into a glass of ICY cold water, you will hear a crack. it is quite distinctive). When it is at that point, take it OFF THE HEAT.
  • CAREFUL with the salt and bi-carb. a) you need to make sure you don't say "oh... a little more won't hurt"... it does, making it too salty! and b) stir well before putting into a baking-paper-lined tray


5- to make sure the mixture turns into toffee and not a gritty sort of fudge....


  • make sure the sugar is completely melted in the first step (before the butter) before you let it boil. STIR - not enough to have it go on the edge, but have it moving constantly
  • make sure there aren't any sugar crystals left on the side of the pan
  • try not to stir the toffee after the butter has been stirred into the mixture



6- using a silicon spatula means you can stir quite easily, get all the toffee out of the pan (I was quite surprised how much it got out... all the better for us nom nom!!) and it is easier to lick than a wooden spoon.


7- when it is completely cold, stab it with a knife to break it into shards


8- keep in the fridge or freezer (we do the fridge thing) to keep it from getting sweaty





  • I have used Rapadura sugar versions and raw sugar versions. They each taste great
  • I use golden syrup instead of maple syrup - I just can't let myself use so much of my precious, expensive maple syrup - I have control issues!
  • I have tried using treacle instead of maple syrup - but it was so dark that it contributed to the burnt toffee... I couldn't tell it was getting "darker" because it was already dark.






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