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Posted by Bee & John on November 5, 2013 at 4:45 PM

As I was driving to a delivery past Port Wakefield the other day, I was struck again by the dry, arid, beautiful landscape that stretched before me.

I grew up in a "remote", but green, area.  Aparently we had the longest daily trip to school in all of Austrlaia (100km), but this may have changed since the dark ages when I went to school there.  I grew up in the north East Gippsland, in a town called Buchan. I can almost hear people chorus "Buchan Caves"? and the answer is yes :-)  In fact, my family had the shop in the caravan park and I grew up in that lush, green parkland, and travelled through 100ks of green bush and some farmland to go to school, the shops, doctors etc.

In 2004 I came to South Australia, and I love it here.  SA is truely a jewel, with so many different habitats within our lovely "sleepy" city.  The town is basically an elongated C, with the edge of the C part all hilly, that falls down to a flat plain leading on to a LOOOOOOOOOOONG coastline.  We are between two peninsulas so our waves are low, soft and by no means good for surfing, but the windsurfers LOVE it and I saw a lovely beach wedding last sunday with a dozen colourful windsurfers swooshing in the water behind the happy couple.

Some of Adelaide is lush, green beyond belief and cool in our long hot, dry, summers.  Some areas are clay based, more desolate and dry.  There are elderly stone mansions nestled amoungst trees that are hundreds of years old, and there are areas of abandonded and/or salt ladened soil where salt merchants dry out their wares.  Wetland and Dry land parks abound across the metropolitan country and you only have to drive a few kilometers and Adelaide is surrounded with 3 renown wine regions - the Claire, the Barossa and the Mclarenvale valleys.

After you leave Adelaide though,  heading north, the land quickly becomes flat and dry and you can see for miles!! 

As I travelled along, enjoying the beautiful day and the humourous book I was listening to, I was thinking of my relatives in the Netherlands.   In the distance I travelled that day, I probably could have travelled from one end to the other of the entire country - maybe not... but still, it would eat into a fair portion of it!  I think they would be amazed with the huge vistas here, the dryness of the land after the lushness of their native Holland.

For them, and for others who might not have travelled this region, a few photos for you.  Thank you to Robyn who allowed me to take photos of her property.

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