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HOW much is a Thermomix??

Posted by Bee & John on November 6, 2013 at 2:10 AM

I did something today that I have been thinking about for ages.... something not Thermomix related (although it allowed me to pay for it) and that is get fake nails put on!  Not a major thing for most people, but it is the ongoing cost that I've always weighed up against the fancy pants feeling I'd have having hollywood nails that always look good.  So... anyway, today I did it.  They aren't long, they aren't thick, they don't have patterns on them, but they are VERY nice and I do have that Superstar feeling walking around with my fancy nails :-)

Anyway.... I wasn't the only one at the long table getting them done, there were 4 of us lined up, various ages although all women (you might say "Of Course?" but I guess it might not always be the case).  Funnily enough, the topic of the conversation came around to Thermomixes.  One lady had just got hers and was trying to explain it to the other two.  (I just stayed quiet, afterall, she obviously had a consultant and didn't need me butting in with my two bits).  I was smiling at her attempts to try to explain it, we all know just how hard that is.

One lady exclaimed, "Nearly $2000?!!  Oh my goodness, I'd prefer to use my old stuff"

I looked over at her, here she was getting her nails done, nails that would need re-doing every 2-3 weeks.  That would work out between $800 and $1700 a year!! But she wasn't even turning a blink at that!  No don't get me wrong, I was about to do the very same thing, I am not critising her life choices! But it got me thinking about all the things we pay for that we don't even think about, but seem surprised at $1939!

Lets have a think about what we have that we have become USED to paying for.

Do you have a mobile phone?  I do, and by the time I pay for it and pay the monthly charges, I'm up for $1800 in my 2 year contract... and then I'll get a new one!

How's your computer going?  Do you need a new one?  Just how old is it when it needs swapping anyway?  Last year I had a 3 year old Mac and it was just getting slower and slower as I was using more and more "modern" programs..... $1800 later and I had a lovely new computer..... and in another 2 years I'll probably swap it for another new one without thinking much about it.

Lets not leave the computer too quickly... do you have the internet? (OF COURSE you do... or you might not be reading this!!)  I pay $55 for that a month, which includes "naked" dsl - allowing me to forgo a landline phone.  Did you know that $55 a month is $660 a year and that is ONGOING!  In the 4 years I have had my thermomix I have spent around $2500 on the internet!

Petrol.... if you run a car you are using petrol.  We don't NEED it, we can catch the bus or train - it's more eco friendly afterall... but we are all short of time and a car allows us to get to places quickly, saves us time if not money.

Got you thinking? 

Now don't start throwing figures or particular situations at me, I am not justifying OR critising my lifestyle, or even yours, I am just saying that there are lots of things that we already pay for that we don't even think about and along comes a product that SAVES you money for a minimal cost....  That gives you your time back.....  That will last you for years and YEARS..... and you tell me that $1939 is expensive??

For the cost of these flashy nails, if I was paying off my Thermomix with the same amount of money, I could have it in my kitchen now and have it completelypaid off in 3 years and working for me for 20, 30 or 40 years!  If you take even the minimum timeframe that Thermomix, over 20 years, "costs" you, $1.87 a week.

On an interesting note, the savings I make in my Thermomix now allow me to have both it AND my nails for what probably still works out a saving to me.  Have my cake and eat it so to speak...

Now I'm off to enjoy my lovely new fancy nails (that STILL allows me to type thank goodness!!)

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