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Meatloaf (Varoma)

Posted by Bee & John on May 8, 2010 at 4:16 AM

Was really lovely... however there were some lessons learnt....


LESSON: don't use bought mince unless it is VERY lean (ours WAS lean and everything yummy... but can see that would have been a problem ie: greasy sauce) TMX ground mince, from good steak, would have been better. Bought mince is also finer in texture - slightly chunkier would have been better.

LESSON: and this is the REAL lesson... if the meat is not cooked and you put it on for another 10 minutes... ADD WATER. we didn't run out of water, but was close.

LESSON: don't get too carried away with the stock.. makes the sauce too salty.

LESSON: stupidity moment! remember it will be hot, lift the varoma lid slowwwwwwwwly!

Verdict - was lovely - would have preferred the same YUMMY recipe, with even more fillings and cooked in the oven I think - slushy if cooked in the Varoma.  3 ticks of yum

Categories: Mains, Varoma (steamed)