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Proving bread dough in the fridge

Posted by Bee & John on May 12, 2010 at 3:46 AM

I heard that you could do it... was a bit nervous.. but it worked.

I made a foccacia dough.  Let it rise the first time and then put it in the fridge overnight.

The next morning, I switched on the oven, put in the dough and went to have a shower.  By the time I was dressed and had my face on... the bread was done.

Verdict?  Delish!!!

LESSON: this particular dough (after the first rise) I had rolled out flatish, and then covered it with chopped fresh chives, grated cheese and some shaved ham and rolled it back up into a large french stick shape.  Then I put in the fridge.  

er.... probably better to have done this in the morning (no, it didn't take long- 5 mins) because the bread rose and stretched in the fridge so I had to man-handle back into shape and it didn't look quite as good as it did when I first did it.

Still yummy tho :-)  

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