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Mushroom Risotto

Posted by Bee & John on May 18, 2010 at 4:45 AM

You know... I nearly forgot to put this here.  We do this meal for us, ALOT, and we do it at our demos too.

We put some sundried tomatoes in first, with the onion/garlic and chop it down a bit.  That puts a really lovely flavour through it.


HINT: At our very first demo, the host was keen on having some chicken with it.  Now it's easy, of course just to add some chopped raw chicken with the rice and just cook it... but the Host brought us some shredded BBQ chicken.

We didn't cook the chicken with the risotto, we laid the chicken and some spinach leaves at the bottom of the Thermoserver and then poured the freshly cooked risotto over it.  We added a little parmesan and stirred it all together.  By the time the risotto sat for a few minutes, it was all piping hot.  Good way to stretch a big meal, even further!

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