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Pizza Rissoto

Posted by Bee & John on May 24, 2010 at 5:31 AM

We stepped out of our realm a little tonight... we used a recipe from the Super Kitchen Machine Blog - I have been dying to try it!!

In a word... Delish!!

I didn't follow the recipe completely....

I used low fat, South Australian Metwurst (Steimie - from Wayville Farmer's Market), some VERY lean short back bacon (3 eyes) a little bit of chillli (no seeds, about 1/4 of a chilli).

Instead of the V8 juice or Tomato juice (of which I had niether), I mixed about 2Tbls of Tomato paste, 100ml of water and 2tsp of TMX veggie stock and then made up the rest of the liquid with water.  And, instead of the single tomato being mashed with the capsicum, I added some halved cherry tomatoes just before the final 18 minute cook and it not only tasted fantastic, but it looked pretty specky too!

Oh Boy!!  Yummo!!

Didn't make a whole lot - enough for 2 very hungry people's meals or 3 regular adults... but then again, we didn't have anything else with it - AND we didn't use the Mozzarella cheese.

Imagine mixing the piping hot risotto with fresh spinach leaves, or some leftover BBQ chicken - and then having it with some fresh bread.. then it would feed a family no problems!!

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