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Best Coconut Cake

Posted by Bee & John on June 4, 2010 at 9:27 PM

Y'know... I think what I like best about the cook book that comes with the Thermomix in Australia is the fact that the recipes are ALL great!

The coconut cake recipe is no different.  What can you say about a cake - yum is usually the response - so I thought this review would be a tinsy bit different - it would review the time it took to make.

I was sitting on the couch this (Saturday) morning - it was peaceful.  The house was quiet - it was John's Sat to work and I was just thinking about the day... and thinking about what I would cook tonight for tea (The weekends I usually cook, especially when John works on a Saturday).  I'm going to do the Beef Strog for tea (review later) but I thought I would do a cake.

So, from "mmm.... I think I might do a cake" to the batter finished... 5 minutes.  That includes getting all the ingredients out of the cupboard.

Then, from finishing the batter to getting it in the oven, bowl-lid-spatula cleaned, stuff put away and go back to being on the couch thinking about the housework I didn't want to do.... another 5 minutes - and that includes searching high and low for the proper cake tin.

so... 10 minutes from "mmm... a cake" to "mmmm... do I really want to do the dusting"

HINT: I tried the "spin" method to get batter off the blades for the first time... EASY AS!!  All you need to do is get the bulk of the batter out of the bowl.  Put it back in the cradle, lid on and in closed lid position and then press turbo for a second, once or twice.  NO batter on the blades!  so good!

HINT: I couldn't find that proper cake tin in the end and cooked the cake in a deep loaf tin - it takes longer (not the 40 minutes, but 1 hour) and because I got distracted in the last few minutes... I burnt it a little on the bottom.  Still good tho.  Would recommend the 20cm round pan that they say to use.

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