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Make your OWN patty pans

Posted by Bee & John on December 22, 2013 at 1:20 AM

I was making a batch of fruit mince tarts - mini ones so that we can eat OTHER things too at Christmas LOL - anyway... I was thinking about the method I use to make my own Patty Pans.

I thought you might like to use this as we head into a busy baking time :-)

Why ?  They're quick... they're easy and.... they're quick!  Hope you find them useful!

FIRST: get a piece of baking paper (the non-stick sort... otherwise... what's the point?).  Make sure it is LONGER than the patty pan/muffin pan length.  Start to fold it.  If it is a 6, 12, 24 hole pan - then fold it into 6, 12, 24 :-))

Make sure the resulting "square" is larger than the circle you want to cut

SECOND: cut a circle out of the folded paper.  Make sure you cut within the square or you'll have the circles stick together at the endges

THIRD: holding all the circles together, snip down toward the centre, about 1/2 of the way in


a) If you are using pastry, put the cut piece of pastry onto the paper and THEN push into the pan "hole"


b) if you are going to make muffins etc - make the muffin tin slightly wet... even if you just wet the bottom of the pan with your fingers.  Then push the paper in.  The water will make it stick better.  Not too wet, you don't want to water down your muffin :-))

Bake and enjoy!!

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