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Tomato Sauce (Base for Pasta)

Posted by Bee & John on June 12, 2010 at 3:48 AM

I still had plenty of tomatoes left over from making the tomato "ketchup" recipe so i thought I'd try this.  (It also postponed me cleaning the bowl for another 30 minutes LOL - back to my book!)

To get all the ingredients into the bowl? 1 minute.  To blend, 1 minute - now it is cooking for 30 minutes.  That's it!  Even raw it was a very tasty mixture.    

It will be a fantastic base for baked pasta, lasagne, spaghetti sauce, gnocchi, and John's special meal of chicken/bacon/chilli with the tomato base and a little cream...mmmmmmm  m!

I'm going to put them into small plastic containers, put them in the freezer, and presto - pasta base whenever we (read that as JOHN) is in the mood for cooking pasta :-)

Oh.. just had a thought.  This sauce over some baked potatoes - cut potatoes into 1/4s, pour some sauce over them, sprinkle some grated tasty cheese and what ever else takes your fancy!!

COST: Tomatoes $3, Capsicum (I added 1) free because I grew it (that and weeds... that's pretty much my skill), onion and spices 20c = $3.20 for over a litre of tomato pasta base!  Those jars of pasta base are more than that and they only hold only 1/3 of what I have just made!!

HINT: the recipe suggests that you check after 15 minutes of cooking to make sure it doesn't need some more water - if you leave it thick (don't let it dry out) you can use it as pizza sauce

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