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Tomato Soup

Posted by Bee & John on June 14, 2010 at 12:39 AM

While I was in a Tomato mood.... I kept going and made some tomato soup.  I followed the recipe mostly (I didn't have any tomato paste so I put in some of the tomato "ketchup" that I had made)

It was nice.... but there was something I felt was missing with the soup.  It was tasty, it was nutritious, with the lentil beans, but I think it was more to do with my palate than the soup itself.  I was far too used to Heinz variety tomato soup and it just wasn't as tomatoey as I thought it could be.

It might merely have been the fact that the roma tomatoes that I used were just not ripe enough, or the lack of the tomato paste.  It might be that I was brought up by parents who were both butchers (in the career sense, not the mass murderer sense) and then went and married one... maybe what I was missing was a bit of meat :-)  A touch of bacon wouldn't have gone astray LOL.  It might just be that Tomatoes are just not my favourite fruit/veggie :-)

Overall i would recommend the soup as is - just be prepared for it to be a little less red/tomatoey than the can of Heinz you may be used to.  Try adding some Basil or some spring onions for a bit extra flavour.

We both had a bowl of the soup and enjoyed it - the left over we are going to use as a base for a chicken pasta dish!

COST: Tomatoes - $1.50, lentils - 30c, Onion - 10c = $1.90 for 1 litre of thick, tasty tomato soup

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