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Pizza dough / Pizzas

Posted by Bee & John on June 14, 2010 at 12:49 AM

I made one batch of the pizza dough yesterday morning and then left it to rise.  

The recipe said not to let it over rise, and if it was going to be a while - pop it in the fridge to rise.  But trust me, our little kitchen was freezing yesterday morning (by Adelaide standards) - about 6oC overnight and we don't have central heating.  I went back to bed with a cuppa (thanks John... he makes the BEST coffee [probably tastes better because I don't have to make it myself]).

It was about 3 hours before I went back into the kitchen to make the pizzas.  The dough was just beautiful and about 2 1/2 times the amount that I had left to rise 3 hours before.  I thought it would be too fluffy, but it was just beautiful to work with.  (I am SO enjoying working with bread dough... I don't think I had enough playdough as a kid LOL)

I divided the dough into two - rolling them out to about 8-10mm thick.  The first one I topped with just chopped garlic (2 cloves), chopped rosemary (1x 5cm sprig - just the leaves) and sprinkled with olive oil and ground salt.  Then in the HOT oven for 10 minutes.  In the mean time I worked on the other one. Topping it with a little mozzarella, oregano, metwurst and a little sandwich ham we had left over from the weeks sandwiches and chopped spring onion.

The first pizza came out all puffed up to about 3 or 4cm and ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! all light and fluffy and REALLY tasty.  COST? 55c!!  

The other pizza, seen below all piled onto a plate was equally delish!  John would have preferred a little more base (I used some of the the tomato "Ketchup" lightly spread on the top) but it was perfect for me :-)

Cost:?  depends on how you count it.  I would tend to say 50c for the dough and maybe 50c for the cheese, everything else we had in the fridge anyway - so $1.05 - but to be more exact - I would add another $1.30 for the topping, so the pizza cost us $2.35.  Beat that with any vouchers you like LOL

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