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Torta Caprese (Flourless Almond Cake)

Posted by Bee & John on June 19, 2010 at 3:29 AM

Only 3 words to describe this.... "This Is Fantastic!!"


It isn't a cheap cake to make, with 250g of chocolate AND 250g of Almonds and 6 eggs!  But... compared to something similar from a bakery VERY cheap!  It would have cost me around $7 - but something similar from a bakery would cost easily $20-25.  My cake cut into 16 small but very adequate pieces - for which I would have paid, very happily, $2-3 at a bakery.... 16x$3=$48  - when you look at it that way... $7 is not expensive at ALL!!

And VERY quick to put together!  Yummo!

I didn't HAVE 6 eggs, only 4 - but it turned out still delicious!!  Rich but not heavy, tasty but healthy.  

I made it again the next day!!!  yes, the whole cake dissapeared.  We had some ourselves, we took some to a demo, we took some for morning tea and sent the rest home with a couple of daughters.

This next time, i put in the 6 eggs the recipe calls for.  With only 4 eggs it was a little like a brownie with a slightly crunchy top.  With 6 eggs it was softer and more cake/mudcake like.  Yummmmmmmmmmo!  I cut it into 24 pieces this time... they were more than big enough.  24 pieces for a cake is a reasonably economical cake I think. 

HINT: the almonds are still in small pieces - if you don't want it too obviously nutty, mill them for a few seconds longer

HINT: use a large pan = cooks quicker when it isn't as high

Even better a few days to a week later!!

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