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Nico Moretti Cooking Class review

Posted by Bee & John on January 29, 2014 at 7:20 PM

Last night I helped out at a very special cooking class - It was with Nico Moretti, a fabulous chef from Western Australia....well.... he's actually from Canada (and of course as I spend the first 6 months of my life in Canada that makes him even more special!) and he has an Italian Heritage and just LOVES asian food... so just THINK about what sort of recipes he cooks up!!

I had heard about Nico from other consultants who had met him before (he last came nearly 4 years ago... just before I started)... and they all said he was lovely!  Now I thought they meant he was good looking... now don't get me wrong, he's a hunk, but what they meant is he was just LOVELY!  What a wonderful person!  Rather than the arrogant, self important, chef type that I was used to by now, after helping at several specialist classes, NOTHING was further than the truth!  No problem was too much for him... he would answer and WELCOME any questions from us all as we rushed around getting everything ready for him.... and what's more, at the end of the evening he went around to EVERY single "helper" and thanked them with a smile and a kiss on the cheek.  for that alone he got 10 out of 10 from me!  What people didn't realise, but the quiet, lovely and friendly lady at the table selling Nico's cookbooks, was his wife and JUST as friendly!!!

Back to the cooking class... (rather than the buzz of getting a smile and a kiss on the cheek by a celebrity!).... I am sure that there are 7 very unhappy people this morning who paid for the class and DIDN"T TURN UP to this sell out class!  Sorry guys... but you missed a GREAT night.

Nico not only did heaps of fabulous recipes, bouncing from Thermomix to Thermomix, stirring this, cooking that, mixing another, steaming too...... but he was SO full of hints and tips!!  Just for those tips alone it was worth the $60 price tag for the class!  I must admit I was scribbling down notes inbetween dishing up and wiping benches!!  (lucky me... I wasn't on dish duty this time!)

Seriously... speak to your consultant or joinhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Tick-of-Yum/134379433322355" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> facebook pages like mine, we will tell you when these specialist cooking classes are being held because they sell out FAST!  VERY fast!!  

Why the hefty $60 fee?  Well, it is actually LESS THAN  HALF his normal Cooking class cost!  Consider yourself lucky!!  We (the consultants) volunteer our time, if you take into consideration the cost of the ingredients, the food made before the event and AT the event (enough to fee 40 people) and the cost of bringing Nico out and (MOST importantly) the fact we keep our classes small (no more than 40) - you get more than your money's worth!!  If we don't provide samples and increase the size to 100... how much more less like a personal event than a "show".  My advice is to pay the money, it's worth it!

We have a couple more specialist cooking classes planned for this year.... https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tick-of-Yum/134379433322355">DON"T MISS OUT! And yes, this isn't just for SA, if a Specialist Chef come here, they'll be going everywhere in Australia.

Nico said he must have been one of the VERY first people in Australia to get a Thermomix... it was only a month or two after it came to Australia!  wow!  And Thermomix methods have always been a factor in his cookbooks.

Now I've had his first cookbook 3 times already!  I had 2 copies of the first issue, I gave one away and I lent the other out.... permanently by the looks of it! (curses upon this person... not that I can remember who you are)  The shame is, not only that it has great recipes, but with as one of the best vietnamese soup recipes ever and I MISSED it... so I got another one last night.  I also bought his new one.   These are signed (sigh, big smile!)  

I have been burnt recently, buying a second book because the first was so good... and twice now have been dissapointed.... but NOT with Nico's new book "cooking passions".  I was up until 2am reading and re-reading some of the recipes... yum!!!!  I think it is even BETTER than the first one!!  I had a little note for John for when he woke this morning ... "John darling, please bring me some chickent thighs (crossed out) beef strips (crossed out) pork mince (crossed out) smoked and raw salmon (crossed out) chicken breasts home tomorrow?  Ah... the joys of being married to a butcher who (In the new shop) not only has meat but also seafood now, AND smokes their own salmon, trout and chickens!!! (tiny plug for Palmdale Meats in North Adelaide!)

Verdict... worth going to!  Mind you... you'd be lucky if you got a ticket at this stage.  Don't miss out on his classes ever again!  Maybe you can console yourselves with one of his cookbooks?





PS - the highlight of this class? AFTER the class itself of course, was the amount of people who saw my name tag and came forward to let me know how much they enjoy my website/facebook. AW..... Thank you so much!!!!!



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