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Nico's Satay Chicken & satay sauce

Posted by Bee & John on February 6, 2014 at 2:20 AM

Well... it had to happen, a brand new cookbook going "use me". "use me"... so I did.

How can you tell if you hav a good cookbook?  Well... to me, it is making something that you LOVE to order at restaurants.  If it is BETTER than what you would normally get from that restaurant?  It's a great cookbook.... well maybe it's only a good recipe, but work with me here LOL

With that little test in mind, I decided to try the Satay Chicken and the Peanut Sauce from Nico's Cooking Passions cookbook.  Why... welllllll.... my parents were Dutch.  

I can almost SEE that look of complete puzzlement on your face!!!  Yup, the Dutch are KNOWN for their satay. Why?  The Dutch were great travellers and some of the recipes came back to holland from many parts of the world... in particular Indonesian recipes.  My mum used to make a mean Nasi Goreng, Gado Gado AND Satay.  Mind you, her satay sauce was jsut a mixture of chicken stock, curry powder, peanut butter and Maggi seasoning... delicious but basic (nice and quick tho)... so it isn't just my favourite dish, but a familiar favourite from my childhood too.

I pulled up my proverbial sleeves (it WAS 40oC!) and dug right in.  First of all... it was EASIER than I thought it would be, much easier and REALY delicious!!!  

Remember, a true satay chicken is mearly a FLAVOURED chicken... not spicy... and the peanuts are in the sauce, not in the chicken marinade.

I must admit to NEVER doing the skewer thing before with chicken... slimy little pieces!!  Raw chicken doesn't worry me actually, but if you don't like the touch of chicken bits, a) get your Butcher to chop your thighs into bits (not YOUR thighs you understand.. the chicken thighs) and b) stir fry the meat, don't worry about the skewer part.

Verdict?  Delicious!!!  Easy to actually do and not squillions of ingredients.  


  1. AFter making the marinade.... chuck the chicken bits in the bowl with the marinade and stir on speed 3 REVERSE to fully coat. 
  2. Soak the skewers (only if you are using them of course) in water for 30 minutes before threading the chicken through as it will help stop them from catching on fire on the BBQ
  3. Don't thread the chicken too tightly together... you want to make sure it is all cooked and if you have it too tight the thickness of the chicken is such that you will dry the outer of the chicken before you cook the bits touching each other
  4. I only got 10 skewers  out of this... I would suggest doubling the recipe... at the very least you ahve some chick skewers (or just the marinated meat) in the freezer ready to go
  5. When you make the sauce... double it!!  I used a small tin of coconut milk and it was perfect to double the sauce.  We used 1/4 of it and froze 3 bags of it ready to go at another time
  6. The surprising thing of the recipe was that it was flavoursome, but NOT spicy at all - even having the sambal in the sauce.... taste before serving If you want it spicy you'll need to use either a different sambal or more of it.
  7. Interestingly... I don't actually like coconut milk much, john loves it.  I DIDN"T taste it in the sauce, John did!!  He does have the secret super power of taste though
  8. SUPER HINT..... ready?  Use the sauce to make Gado Gado!!  AMAZING!  It doesn't need a recipe... it is just a mixture of steamed or boiled veggies... potato, carrot, broccoli etc with peanut sauce!!

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