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Chicken and Cashews

Posted by Bee & John on July 5, 2010 at 10:32 PM

I have been postponing this recipe - because 200g of chicken just didn't look enough.  But, and it sure surprised me, it certainly was!

Super easy and quick, although there is a mid step so it isn't a leave and pick up the kids from school recipe.

Steam the chicken in the Varoma - take out the rice and add the veggies, sprinkle with sesame oil and seasame seeds, add handful of cashews, steam some more.  Make the sauce, mix.

That's it!

I have never had steamed chicken before - how much nicer is it!!!  I thought it would be bland, but it was actually tastier - fancy that.

I made it without the cashews (much to John's amusement) - just completely forgot about them!!  I was cross too because I bought them specially.  But - it was still lovely.

We're into a decent meal, and there was plenty there for us and an extra lot for a lunch.  Would be plenty for 2 adult and 2 kids, especially if you serve with some warm bread or add extra veggies.

I had some Bok Choy and Corn on the cob (which I cut into cobbettes) and some leek - which was all the veggies we had left the day before a shop - but they were lovely.  Our Bok Choy was a little wilty but it came up a treat in the steamer.

Give it a go - quick, yummy and nutritious!

Cost? I used 2 chicken thigh fillets only - so just the cost of them and the cost of the veggies.  Our meal cost us $6

Vegetarian?  Sure - obviously leave out the bit with the "add the chicken" and go straight to the veggies

HINT: watch the water level - I had to add some water because the corn  cobbettes took another 5 minutes over the recipe's suggested times.

Substitute?  We didn't have sherry - so I used a little brandy - worked fine!!!  Tasted yum!

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