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Fruit and Nut Bread

Posted by Bee & John on July 5, 2010 at 10:44 PM

At our demos we use the Basic Bread recipe.

We mill 100g of buckwheat and add in bakers flour and make some bread. It is always a hit and really yummy!  Especially when we bring out some of our fresh butter (made in the thermomix of course)

I was thinking.. if we could mill buckwheat... could we mill nuts?

I had a nutmix with dried coconut and pawpaw and other fruit - you know the mix. I milled 100g of that with flour to make bread DELICIOUS!!!

I've also tried chocolate and almond bread!!  YUMMO!  50g of dark chocolate and 50g of almonds, ground to a gritty powder - then follow the basic bread recipe.  It is soft like a cake, but nowhere near as sweet.  I let it rise a little extra just incase, so I gave it an hour.

LESSON: when I tried to replicate the fruit and nut bread the third time.. we had run out of our nut mix and bought a cheaper mix with lots of seeds and sultanas and raisons.  It was much mushier and not as nice.   Go for the mix that has nuts, dried coconut, dried pawpaw, dried pineapple...  In South Australia we get this from Charlsworth 

Chocolate / Almond Bread.  I dough, divided into 3.

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