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In the Mix Cookbook - Number 2 - A general Ramble

Posted by Bee & John on March 26, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Well... it comes to some people late.  SOME people take forever to get information filtered through their brain!  NOT saying that'd be me.... of course not!  Never!  Maybe :-(

I again eat humble pie.  NOT a very tasty meal at the best of times, but as my darling John will be proud (yeah right!!) to tell you, I'm NEVER wrong.  So.... don't tell him.... ok?

I waited with baited breath for the In the Mix 2 cookbook.  Looks GORGEOUS!  Then I started looking through the recipes.  AMAZING.... but too fancy.  I wouldn't do them.  Really?  6 step dessert?  Not this black bunny!

I was lucky enough to be one of only 3 SA consultants to be invited to Australia's Thermofest, the conference for top consultants (slight boast... but why the heck not!) to South AFRICA!  Despite the fun we all had, there was a good portion of WORK involved!  Oh yeah!  One of them was a talk by Dani Valent - the fabulous authour of In the Mix 2.  Quite apart from just being a lovely person, she is really a great orator.

I've been looking at the book ALL WRONG!!  No no no no.... do NOT do the 6 step layered cake (unless you want to) you look at the steps and see if it is anything you'd like to do!!

It is just a completely different way of putting together a HEAP of recipes!  Not "here's a heap of recipes in a boring list", but "here's a heap of recipes grouped together into OTHER recipes that complement it!!

DON'T look at the recipes in a whole, but at their different components!!  Major Head Slap!!

Eg??  Don't like Carrot Cake?... make the Liquid Cheesecake!!!  WHAT an amazing thought... a cooked cheesecake cooked IN THE THERMOMIX!!  Yum!

Now... here's your homework.  go and have another look at the INDIVIDUAL recipes and see if you can't find at least 6 you'd like to try!!  

I have quite a few cookbooks now... and I rate it by the number of recipes I would regularly use within it.    One good recipe, it has 1 star, 5 good recipes, then 5 star rating etc.  In the Mix started out as that "fancy pants cookbook" and now has 7 stars.  How will you rate the SECOND book?  

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