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Anzac Crack

Posted by Bee & John on March 28, 2014 at 7:05 PM

In The Mix 2... Who (ifyou already HAD In the Mix 1) didn't rush right out and get it!!??

Who (and be honest) didn't look at the recipes and think two things.... 1- WOW and 2- Too fancy for me.

I've learnt (amazing how this old dog CAN be taught) that the cookbook is a new format for cookbooks... yes there are elaborate, fancy pants, recipes - but really it is a HUGE collection of recipes grouped not only into their subgroups (mains, soups, deserts etc) but also within small pockets of complimentary recipes.  THAT is why those recipes have up to 6 steps... You can do it all if you want, but really, Dani Valent is show you 6 INDIVIDUAL recipes that can be USED TOGETHER.

Once I had that epiphany (almost as much fun to spell as say) I started looking at the recipes again!

One recipe I REALLY wanted to try, but didn't have the time to be doing all those steps... is Anzac Crack.  Now for non Australian and New Zealanders - we (Aus and NZ) have a real affinity with not only our ANZAC legends, but also the asociated biscuit (basically, flour, oats, golden syrup, coconut) - so playing around with the Anzac Bikkie is like Johnny Depp playing around with the Lone Ranger.

Did Dani get it right?  Well, I have to say yes.  I didn't do all the steps - some were unnecessary (as I'll explain in a minny) and some were just a fancy add on that I just didn't want to do.  That IS what the cookbook is all about after all!  Butt he resulting cake was a huge hit and I'll do it again!!  Let me walk you through it.

First of all the base - how delicious does that sound?  Macadamias in an Anzac cookie mix!  2 things with that..... 1- Macadamias are expensive!  and (more imporantly) 2- I'm allergic to them!  I know right?!  weird... just happened about 10 years ago - they were my favourite nut before that.... but all of a sudden my tongue started swelling when I ate them and I lost my taste for a while.  Don't know which one was worse!!

anyway, I used Hazelnuts... gave a DELICIOUS flavour to the base.  You could use ANY nuts, or even miss them out.  DON"T miss out the toasting of the coconut tho, that gives a real depth of flavour.  If (like me) your nuts were already roasted, or you are missing out on them entirely, then you can toast the coconut in a clean, dry frypan - med/high heat.  KEEP stirring, and switch off the heat when the coconut starts browning.  KEEP stirring tho, for a few more minutes as the heat of the pan will continue to cook the coconut.

Mix the base as per the recipe.

Then you have to "chill and cut out a circle" - REALLY?  Forget that!  Just pour it into a lined tin and press down with a potato masher (gotta use it for something) or the back of a spoon!

DO NOT clean your bowl... no need.

Make the filling as per instructions and pour onto the base and then cook, again as per the recipe.

STOP here.  This is an abolutely AMAZING desert jsut as it is!!!  It is easy to make to this point and is quite big - it would feed 10 people  EASILY.  The filling is a cross between a cake and a custard.  Just delicious!!

John said that the tangy passionfruit/ginger jelly would have been a nice counterpoint for the sweetness, but really, unless you had the time and/or the ingredients - don't need to worry about it.

The recipe said that it should be served with a chocolate mousse.  I didn't DO the mousse as per the recipe (I didn't have that many eggs AND it sounded a bit rich for me) so I did an EASY mousse (300g of cream, 100-150g of chocolate - heated until 100oC on speed 2 and then continue stirring until all the heat indicator lights are off.  Then chill for a few hours.  Then whip.... yummy [fairly rich] egg free mousse) 

Then I spread that over the Anzac Crack.

In hindsight... the Chocolate Mousse was NOT the right counterpoint for the cake.  It went OK with it, but I didn't think it added anything.  I would leave it out.  Ice cream!  Now Ice Cream would be delicious!!!  (yum!  I might have to do it again so I can try Icecream with it!)

Even though I didn't like the chocolate flavour WITH the Anzac Crack flavours personally, it did go nicely.  I wouldn't go with it in the future tho.  I'd miss that step and therefore the base and filling would be a quick and easy fancy desert!!

BASE and Filling?  Tick of Yum!!

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