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Savoury Pancake

Posted by Bee & John on April 18, 2014 at 8:55 PM

If you don't know already (really?  Why not?) my heritage is Dutch.  We have some weird ideas. the Dutch.... Mayonaise with your hot chips (Devine!), Apple Sauce with every meal (fabulous) and pancakes, mini, flat, fat, sweet or savoury.

The First I do all the time.  The second I can't convince John that it is worth trying.  But the third is something I'veenjoyed making for ages... but not the savoury ones - until now!!

It's really very easy

First of all.... will your frypan FIT in the oven??

If yes, then....

  • Heat frypan up with a good knob of butter or about 50g of oil
  • Switch on the oven to 180oC.  Top element on only if possible.
  • In your thermomix....
    • 1-3 cloves of garlic - chop on speed 6 for 3-4 seconds.
    • without taking them out or scraping, add an onion (quartered) and chop on speed 5 for 3 seconds
    • Add garlic and onion to the melting butter in the frypan.
    • Chop other stuff you like for breakfast.  (I had mushrooms and bacon, both of which I slice by hand)
    • When the onion and garlic is sizzling nicely, add the chopped "stuff" and stir gently
  • In the mean time, do NOT clean out your bowl
    • add, 100-200g of tasty cheese, cubed.  Chop on 8 for 5-10 seconds until grated.  REMOVE from bowl, but 
    • no need to scrape every little bit out OR clean it, that's right, NO need to clean it!  If a little bit of garlic, onion and/or cheese is left for the pancake mixture so what?
  • Then.... add to your TMX bowl...
    • 300g SR flour
    • 210-250g of eggs (4-6 depending on size)
    • 250g of milk
    • Mix on speed 6 for 30-40 seconds until smooth.
    • Let it sit until the stuff in the frypan is cooked nicely
  • When the bacon etc is cooked nicely, pour the pancake mixture straight into the frypan
  • Slice other bits you llike (we used spring onions and chopped tomatoes) and place on top of pancake, then sprinkle with the cheese
  • Bake in the oven until the top is lovely and brown.  About 15-20  mintues (depends on size of pan)
  • Enjoy!!

Does this have to be savoury only?  nope, how lovely would this be as a sweet pancake!  Just make it how you like it!!

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