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Cups to Grams - a guide

Posted by Bee & John on April 21, 2014 at 4:45 AM
I was fooled recently by a website who SERIOUSLY missjudged their weights when she converted her cups into grams and I ended up with a very weird cake!  So, I thought I would put this form together to help other people get NORMAL cakes :-)

Is it exact?  Perhaps not minutely exact - but hopefully a darn good guide!!
I used spreadsheet formulas to convert the one cup gram weights into the fractions, hence the somewhat odd numbers at times.  Round them up or down to suit, seriously, a couple of grams won't mean much to a recipe unless you are talking chillies etc

If your ingredient isn't here, look for something similar.  For instance hazelnut meal?  Go with the weights for Almond Meal

This is a guide only.  If you are really stumped, measure your ingredient out into the cup size requested by the recipe, and weigh it.  Write it down on your recipe for next time.

I hope this helps!  x

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