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Taking Stock!

Posted by Bee & John on November 11, 2014 at 3:10 AM

I am really loving the new Basic Cookbook that comes with the new TM5 - but there are a few recipes I just HAD to think about.... then try the recipes just to make sure.  The first was the Brioche recipe and I have just posted about that.  

This post is about the new recipe for the Meat and Chicken Stock Concentrate Paste

First of all - Be aware that if you are using the chip it has slight discrepencies to what is in the cookbook - here is the information from Head Office...

"Meat stock paste (pg. 64):

The quantity of red wine to use is stated as 30 g on Recipe Chip. For the best results, we recommend increasing the quantity of red wine to 120 g red wine as per the Basic Cookbook. ‘The recipe will work with both quantities of wine, the paste will simply be drier in consistency when using 30 g red wine as per the Chip.’

Chicken stock paste (pg. 66):

The quantity of Mixed white roots and vegetables is listed as 200 g on the Recipe Chip. We recommend increasing the quantity of mixed white roots to 300 g as stated in the Basic Cookbook. The recipe will work with both quantities of vegetables, the paste will simply be drier in consistency when using 200 g vegetables as per the Chip."




What I noticed about the recipe straight away, was that for less base ingredients - the recipe calls for the same amount of salt as it did for the meat stock in the EDC - therefore the stock paste would be saltier.

What do I mean?  Well.... 

  • In the EDC - there was 300g of meat + 550g of veggies = 850g with 150g of salt
  • In the Basic Cookbook - there is 300g of meat + 300g of veggies = 600g with 150g of salt

So now I've made both of the new Meat Stock Concentrate recipes (beef and chicken) what do I think about this new recipe??  In short.....
  • I like the ratio of meat to veggies - it will lead to a meatier taste - although I used MY recipe for meat paste for the past 18 months and find it absolutely wonderful, I might start using this new recipe but with a touch less salt    (interestingly.... I developed my recipe about a month before the last EDC came out with almost exactly the same recipe - I MUST have been on the right track)
  • I love the wine and (weirdly) the clove that the recipe calls for - makes it really yummy.
  • I liked the call for white veggies for the chicken (I used a parsnip) and heartier veggies for the beef (tomato/carrot) along with the normal onion, garlic, celery for them both.  It certainly makes them easier to identify in the fridge.

FINAL VERDICT? I love it, but I think it is a touch too salty, I personally would cut the salt down to 120g (NOT any less!)

You might be asking yourself should YOU change the salt??  I can't answer that - the salt (as per the recipe) is STILL nearly half that of the same stock paste sold by Continental and therefore you ARE reducing your salt by making it as is!   I would perhaps recommend that you make it as per the recipe the very first time and then adjust the salt as needed the second time you make it.

  1. The first is a question....... How come the stock paste recipes always calls for salt but never for pepper?  I think I am going to add 1/2 a teaspoon of pepper to my next lot of stock paste.
  2. This is VERY useful hint!!!  If your meat isn't half frozen, but it IS chopped into 1-2cm cubes - mince it with the salt!  You'll get an easier and better Mince

How long will it stay in the fridge?  Well... that DOES sort of depend on how you treat it to be honest.  
  • Did you put it into sterilised jars when you first made it?
  • Did you use sterilised spatulas/funnel/scoops to put it INTO the jars?
  • Are you putting a pristinely clean spoon in every time to scoop some out?  
  • Are you keeping it cold ALL the time and not leaving it out of the fridge periodically?  
  • Are you putting a cold spoon in and not introducing extra heat?  
  • Did you cut down the salt?  It won't keep half as long if you did.
  • Do you (worst thing you can do actually) put stock that you didn't use BACK in the jar?

In an absolutely perfect world with absolutely perfect procedures, you should get many months!  I put my stock into 250g jars - vaccum seal them and then put a "use by" date of 3-4 months on them once they are opened.  I am sure it'll go longer - especially with the extra salt in this recipe  - but just use your common sense.  BAsically though... if you are using the stock regularly, you will use it up well within the "use by" (I'd use a 250g jar in 6 weeks)  so that makes the question of how long it lasts moot!

The photos shows the larger 500g jar of beef stock to the left, with the 2x 250g jars of chicken stock to the right.  You'll notice that the paste is a lot drier than we're used to.  Better?  Don't think so, merely different.

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