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Odour-Bee-Gone PRE-spray

Posted by Bee & John on February 7, 2015 at 1:30 AM

Ok... this is a food blog right... and you don't talk about ... um... (whispers.....) odours from the loo (normal voice) in the middle of talking about food right?

Well... I'm not going to talk about FOOD... but I will talk about the other.

First - some background.  While John actually watched the Superbowl recently (alone!!) couldn't wait to watch the rather entertaining ads that they put together for the main event.  I clicked onto a YouTube collection of them and I was enjoying the satire ad about a pre-poo spray on one particular ad... and it wasn't until it finished that I realised it was  an ACTUAL ads... BEFORE they show the clip.  

It was this lady on the loo... talking about.. um... odours.  It was funny actually, and you might have seen it as I have seen it before other clips too.  To cut a long story (and ad!) short, their premis is, that if you spray their fragrance INTO the loo, it has an oil that traps any odours at the base (no pun intended... but pretty good eh?) so no odours "escape" to make any smells.

I thought two thoughts simutaniously... "what a great idea"!  And.... "I can do that!!".  

I whipped it up and have been trialling it all week.  It works WELL.  Better than any "after odour" spray and actually helps keep the toilet bowl cleaner too!

2 or 3 sprays INTO the bowl BEFORE the big event actually DOES trap the odours!  (Learn from me - lift the lid before you spray or you'll get a wet seat :-/ )

The little bit of oil does keep the fragrance sitting on top of the water, and what's more... the tiny bit of oily spray that stays on the wall of the bowl seems to stop ...um... "anything" .... from sticking.

How can you mix oil and water?  Actually very easily, it emulsifies  (mixes) when there is alcohol added.  Now I don't intend for you to use your favourite vodka!!  You can buy rubbing/antiseptic alcohol at the supermarket or chemist - and a little known fact is... Metholayted spirits is an alcohol too!!  They are both "denatured" (basically... makes them nasty to drink) but they ARE redily available and cheapish, alcohol.

Odour-Bee-Gone pre-toilet spray

1 spray bottle (big or small... as long as it sprays)

  • 1 part alcohol
    • rbbing alcohol or Metho - yes use your vodka if you want to
    • you can add more of it if you like... helps with the whole disenfectant thing, but don't add only alcohol or it'll evaporate and you won't get the right effect
  • 1 parts oil 
    • what oils?  Olive, Rice bran, Grape Seed... something like that.  The last 2 have the advantage of being a little cheaper and have no fragrance of their own to try to overcome with the essential oils
  • 8 parts water
  • essential oil
Mix all together in the bottle with a gentle shaking motion.  Spray once or twice into the bowl before using the loo

An example of the 1/2/5 part thing is...
  • 1 tablespoon of oil
  • 1 tablespoon of alcohol
  • 8 tablespoons of water
  • 10-15 drops of essential oil
As for the essential oil amounts... that depends on the strength of your essential oil.  My little spray bottle held the 10 tablespoon recipe above and I used 15 drops of essential oil.  I do not use my very good (strong) essential oils in the loo (are you kidding!) but might only need 8-10 drops.  Experiment.  

Remember not to use too girlie a fragrance or the boys won't use it :-D

Love to hear how you go!!

Picture?  Um... nope

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