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Camping/Travelling with Thermomix

Posted by Bee & John on February 15, 2015 at 12:25 AM

Going Camping??  

Perhaps you're a Grey nomad.... or want to be?  I'm hoping this will help you get the most out of your Thermomix!!  

I don't intend to make this into a complete resource.... just a beginning..  a start.... to make you aware of the possiblities.

First of all... what do I know?  Not much :-)  But I did nearly a year travelling around Australia - just me and my dog - a lovely black lab called Jordi.  For the first month or so I stuck to caravan parks, but it didn't take long before Jordi and I were bush-camping with the best of them!!   All of these photos are mine and I took them in my big camping adventure!

7 months of camping in dust and dirt....Then I hit Adelaide... (my destination all along).... and had the longest bath EVER!!  A year later I met John - and the rest, as they say, is History.  Hey, just realised that next week is our anniversary... Imet John almost EXACTLY 9 happy years ago!! Why do I remember it?  We also got engaged and married on that date, 9th of March.

Jordi (the bed and chair hog!  I ended up buying him his OWN chair) and I started with a tent -trailer combo and finished off with a motor home.  I must admit, it was more fun in the motor home - not as much setting up and packing up - we had somewhere to sit and cook and rest without getting it all out of the car and putting it together!

I hope you can take the information here and build on it!!  I'd love to hear from you so we can add more recipes and/or links - and more information.  

First of all - WHY take your Thermomix.

Well, one thing I learnt very early on in my trip... I had too much stuff!!!!  Most of what I HAD put together just didn't fit and some of what I did end up bringing... I just didn't need!

Your thermomix will be able to be able to tick many boxes all in one hit!!


  • It makes an amazing cappucino with only instant coffee - I can see you shaking your head... trust me!  
  • Even if you don't make cappucino's with it.... its a Kettle!!  Boil your water in it.
  • the Thermomix jug is a 2 litre jug!  Collect/carrywater etc with it.
  • The Varoma base is an amazing strainer!!  Also works well as a fruit basket IF you aren't using it at that moment.
  • The middle tray of the Varoma is a great cooling tray for bread, cakes etc.
  • The thermomix will be your....
    • Saucepan
    • Steamer
    • Rice Cooker
    • Grinder
    • Juicer
    • Mix Master
    • Blender


Handy things to pack/bring


  • powdered milk - including powdered coconut milk
  • dried fruit
  • whole spices
  • nuts and grains
  • seeds you can germinate for fresh greens - ie: alfalfa and mung beans
  • good, light containers which are totally air & liquid tight.  Square/rectangular ones will pack easier
  • plenty of zip-loc bags
  • Tongs, long and short
  • a new pump action weed sprayer - chop the "weed wand" down by 3/4s and you have a fantastic "shower" - you only need 1/4 of the water you'd need for a normal wash.
  • a labeller or good texta pen to label things
  • Plenty of rope.  Strong, thin rope.  VERY handy for tying things, washing lines etc
  • a Fly tent.  A large, light and easy to put up flyscreen tent will save your LIFE (not literally), reading in the outback is the most relaxing thing on the planet.... so quiet... so peaceful... "ah, feel the serenity" (for non-Australians, that's an iconic saying from an Australian movie... "the Castle") BUT NO!!  Those pesky flies and mosquitos have you waving your arms around like a human windmill!!  You need somewhere to eat without a horde of mini guests.  Besides... it'll be a fantastic COOL place to stay if you have stinker of a night.  The picture below is when I took JUST the fly tent for a few days to Innes National Park


How can the Thermoserver help?


  • it will keep any salads cold and the lid keeps the flies off your food
  • Prove your bread in it (the 2.6l one - the 2.2 is too small)
  • Keep water hot/warm from the fire so you can wash in warm water
  • Great for keeping BBQ meat warm
  • and of course it'll keep your meal warm too


How can you pack your Thermomix??


  • Get a bag for it!\\your precious thermy!  Remember the scales are in the feet of the machine.  Just put it on the bed, seat or in the boot will continually vibrate those feet and the electronics inside.  The bag has an anti-shock mat which will be just the thing you need.
  • still put the bag, with the Thermomix in it, somewhere soft like the bed, don't put in the boot - particularly when travelling on a dirt road


General hints and tips


  • Plan your meals!!!! Ever meal!!  Of course leave room for changes, but planning means you know what you need to pack and you won't buy/pack things you don't need!
  • Learn how to light a fire!  I was lucky to have been given a small steel drum that had a little mouse hole on the bottom to light a fire in, and then you can cook above it. (you can see it in the pic below) - it's roaring there.... but I was using it as a "heater" - if you have a smaller fire, or when the coals are clogwing, I put long tent pegs through holes about 3/4's of the way up and the cookpot rested on them.
  • Get a good camp oven for those days you don't have power but you're somewhere you can light a nice fire.
  • Make sure that if you buy a generator, you get one big enough to run the Thermomix.  Check your manual for specifics.  Your Thermomix will run very well on a generator as it can handle a fluctuating power source.  I believe that the power requriements are only 1500w.... but don't rely on that - double check it yourself!!
  • I loved my Dream Pot - It is like a thermoserver on steroids!  Even now I work the Thermomix and my Dream Pot in tandem.  While a server can keep your meal hot for an hour or two... a Dream Pot not only keeps it hot for 6-10 hours... but SO hot it continues to cook - it's like a no-power slow cooker!!!  I often either started cooking a meal in the morning - or filled it with boiling water - then I could have a hot meal or a wash "later".    "Later" was either the next morning, or when I finished travelling to the next location
  • Washing your clotes at a laudrymat costs a FORTUNE!!!  Get one of those washing tubs that are like a big bucket with an agitator on a stick that goes through the lid.... I know that sounds complicated but that's because of my lack of descriptive ability here.... it was a 10 litre bucket and there was a disc-agitator thingy that was on a stick.  I just put the water and the clothese in.  put the lid on. turned the handle on the top one way and the other... it was easy.  I got it at a caravan and camping show
  • Try getting an old fashioned wringer - washing in water is easy... squeezing out water from towels and/or sheets isn't!  Possible!!  But easier if you can get yourself a wringer.  The one I saw (I din't have one more's the pity) is in the very last picture in the lat group of photos on the bottom of this blog.



Number one piece of advice!!

  • have travelled where you are going....
  • have been travelling longer
  • have suggestions on road conditions and/or camping sites
  • and some darn good ideas!
  • They also have some skills you don't have... and are generally happy to help!  These wonderful people were  helping me try to fix my water pipes, not long after I bought the motor home, and Jordi (the dog) kept pinching the tools



Grow your greens?

My word yes!  It's amazing what you can sprout!  Alfalfa, lentils, mung beans....... Fresh, wholesome greens when you need/want them!!  I met a lovely lady (in her 80's mind you!!) who spent her life on the road in one HECK of a well laid out single cab ute!  She never went anywhere without them!  She had learned how to do it when she was caretaker on a lighthouse - a really facinating person!  We were the only people staying at a "billabong" (yes, a REAL one" on a station that had opened up for bush campers like us - not far from the Oonadatta Track.  We spent a fun few days together.  She started me off on a jar and I never looked back!

My sugestion is to have several jars going at once so you have them at different stages.  Also, remember they are going to take up about 900% of the room they take up as seeds/grains, so don't put many in at once.


My first intention was to put together a collection of recipes - but that isn't going to work.  too many different people go camping... all with different tastes / needs / diets. / ages  I'm going to put a list of  links to websites that have lots of travelling recipes instead. 

None of them are Thermomix websites... but use their recipes as a guide of what you can make and look for a Thermomix version if applicable.  Besides... there are some great recipes here and not all of them are Thermomix-able - and I don't want you to miss out!!


Enough to get you going???

Am I going camping again?  Well, john and I used to do the weekend camping/fishing thing in Stansbury, but now we both work weekends and only have one day off a week so it's a bit hard.  BUT... We are planning 6-12 month camping trip in 4-5 years time!  And... Thermy is coming!!!!


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